It’s All About Family

Christmas for Our Little Family, is an opportunity to spend time with family. Since Mr H and I moved into this house some 7-years ago we have come together here whether it be for birthdays, Christmas or just because. We have the room, the space to entertain and a love for cooking so we take it upon ourselves to host on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We are very close to my hubby’s family and as his mummy and daddy are at the point where entertaining is just too much for them we thought we would take on the task!

Lil G adores his Nanny and Grandad and has a lovely relationship with his Uncle Steven, my hubby’s brother. It is the perfect number to entertain and of course since Lil G arrived it is easier to have everyone with us. All in one spot, no driving between and of course that means we can have a little Christmas tipple!

Lil G and I were watching one of his Christmas movies, one of the children’s classics I think it was. As it came to an end, this message was recited and I thought I would share it with you…

A gift from the heart is cherished and true, a present is best when love’s given to. So in the end it’s love that’s the reason that Christmas is more than a Gift giving season. It’s a time with our loved ones to show that we care, when families and neighbours come together to share, so this Christmas season let us all do our parts to keep Christmas spirit alive in our hearts.

What a beautiful message. Such an important message. As our Lil G grows up I really want him to understand that there is more to Christmas than Santa arriving on Christmas eve with lots of presents.

To instill a little bit of this, this year Lil G and I set about making some Christmas cards for his friends and teachers at Kindergarten. We are also going to be writing our Christmas Cards and delivering them to our friends and neighbours over the next few days. We will be wearing our Christmas Jumpers, Buddy the Elf included on Friday 12th December in support of Save the Children. And finally Lil G and I have set about separating his toys into piles of which one of these piles will be donated to our local charity shops so that other boys and girls can enjoy the toys he no longer plays with.

Time together as a family is so precious, this was Our Little Family on Christmas Day 2013…

Christmas Day 2013


Have you thought about your child’s understanding of Christmas?

KA x




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