We LOVE you Buddy {Days 1-8}

Well it has been a rather magical week for Our Little Family, mainly because Buddy arrived and has created a lot of laughter, mystery and of course some Elf mischief! I won’t lie to you I have really enjoyed planning what little adventures he has been getting up to and quite enjoyed plotting a little Elf mischief for the end of the day too for when Lil G arrives home. Oh yes, we have done morning and night. Eek. At first I thought well why not, only now am I realising that it actually means I have 48 adventures to magic up! Thank the lord for Pinterest is all I can say!

Lil G is completely bought into the fact that he can’t touch our little friend. I have found him chatting to him, thanking him for his little gift, telling him what messages he would like him to pass on to Santa, and on Saturday I even found him having a conversation with him about our trip to the Snowdome. So sweet. Such a great tradition and I am so pleased that we have added it to Our Little Family Christmas Traditions.

Here is Buddy’s week in pictures…

Day1-4 Elf

Day 5-8 Elf

And of course I couldn’t help but have a little bit of fun whilst Lil G wasn’t in sight…

Elf fun (1-8)

Elf more fun 1-8

I have been planning ahead and have the next 7 days pretty much mapped out. I am yet to get Mr H involved, there is still time yet! If you are struggling with ideas then please feel free to pop over to my Elf on the Shelf Ideas board over on Pinterest where I have been pinning away for weeks!

For this little post I am linking up with @ReadingRes and @Meandmymunchie for the #ElfTakeover where a whole host of bloggers will be sharing what fun and mischief their Elf has been getting up to. Why not pop over…




10 thoughts on “We LOVE you Buddy {Days 1-8}

  1. Some fab ideas there, looks like you’re having lots of fun! It’s our first year with our elf Buddy and we’re loving it, I think me and my husband have more fun than the kids lol xx #elftakeover


  2. Oh I love your post and your creativity! I was struggling to find places to put our Elf – he’s been named Ellis Elfington(!) – and this has inspired me. I’m not sure Little Mister is so understanding about the non-touching though, which has also probably made me more weary about where to put him! Lovely post & I’ll certainly be visiting your PinBoard!
    Popping over from @ReadingRes #ElfTakeover


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