Christmas Tag…

When I saw this post pop up on my timeline yesterday I felt a little bit, lets rephrase that a lot giddy inside. You know I love Christmas! What’s not to love about the most wonderful time of the year! So thank you Sian of Potty Mouthed Mummy for the tag, I absolutely loved reading your post. Here are my answers…

What’s your favourite Christmas Movie?

Movie selection

Do you open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

What?! Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve you silly Billy. Christmas morning of course!

We have a little routine on Christmas morning. Lil G has a little sack delivered to the bottom of his bed to keep him entertained whilst Mr H or I pop down the stairs, flick on all the twinkling lights, make a cup of tea before allowing Lil G to see if Santa has been! We spend the most part of the morning drinking copious amounts of tea, eating sausage and cheese oatcakes (a Staffordshire treat) in our pj’s whilst watching the magic of Christmas unfold in front of our eyes.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Christmas has never been as special since Lil G arrived. Watching him talking to Santa recently has left us with some rather special memories and lovely gooey feeling inside. I honestly cannot wait until Christmas morning. His excitement has grown to a whole new level this year. Eek

photo (2)


Prior to that it has to be our trips to NYC at Christmas time. The second time we visited Mr H proposed which put the festive period of 2008 on a pedestal!

Favourite festive food?

It goes without saying that you can’t beat all the trimmings on Christmas Day however what I really look forward to is a festive bloomer. That would be Mr H’s special. A Crusty bloomer filled with Turkey, Bacon, Cranberry and Stuffing … Delicious

photo (16)

Favourite Christmas gift?

Now this may sound really cheesy but as so many precious lives have been taken away this year, from us, our friends and family I truly believe … Our Little Family Life and Good Health. I say that because 3-years ago my father-in-law had an aneurysm on the 22nd December. Thankfully by Christmas Day he had made it through the brain surgery and we could see that there was light at the end of the tunnel. He couldn’t remember that it was Christmas or that we were about to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary. He could remember that Lil G had been born a few months before. He asked for him morning and night and I think partly it was Lil G that saved him. As well as the very talented doctors of course.

Favourite Christmas scent?

Gingerbread! Bratwurst. Hot chocolate. Basically the smell of the Christmas markets! Mmmmm. Drifts off into festive heaven.

Do you have any Christmas Eve Traditions?

In the morning we will be baking cookies for Santa. Followed by a festive trip to the cinema until this year that is, Mr H has gone and booked a Christmas Pantomime! Our first one. Followed by Buddy the Elf presenting Lil G with his Christmas Eve Box at 5pm. We will then settle down, snuggle up to a short movie or two before Mr H and I turn into Mr & Mrs Claus, with a takeaway and a bottle of fizz of course.

And that’s my Christmas Tag. I would love to know what you think if you fancy joining in….

Darren of One Dad 3 Girls

Sam from the 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess

Emma from Life at the Little Wood

KA x

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