My Boys {The Ordinary Moments}

As much as I love days together as a family, I find myself smiling from ear to ear when an opportunity presents itself to spend some quality time with my boys, just us. That would be Lil G and my furry baby, Alfie Bear. Often Lil G takes priority, we hop into the car and take ourselves off somewhere whereas today Lil G made a request. Who am I to disagree? Lil G wanted to take his big brother on a walk, that is what he has started to call our doggy of late, his big brother. How sweet is that? I just want to scoop him up for a snuggle when he says it as it isn’t anything we have said, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Alfie Bear is his big brother, he was our first baby and they certainly have a bond as strong as any siblings…

photo 1 (2)

Time with my boys is so precious. Today, being Saturday was one of those days. Heavenly. A relatively lazy start to our morning followed by a rather chilly willy walk to give the boys some fresh air, to stretch our legs and an opportunity to soak up the beautiful morning frost before it all melted away. Wow was it chilly.

photo 2 (3)

photo 3


It is rather magical being a parent, to witness a relationship grow and develop as theirs is. Being able to stand back and watch a love so strong is just one of the sweetest things. As we leave the house Lil G has to give Alf a kiss and a cuddle, he also whispers the words ‘miss you already Bud’ and then waves to him as we drive off. We haven’t needed to encourage this, we do it ourselves of course as we leave the house so maybe this is where he has seen it. The sweetest moment is when we arrive home, the first person Alf dashes to is Lil G, no longer is it Mr H, he just gets a tail whacking against his leg as the boys embrace. Melts my heart each time. Takes me back to those first few days when we introduced Lil G as a newborn to Alf, he literally sat next to his moses basket for hours. Crying when Lil G cried and sleeping when Lil G slept. Cute.

This is where he remained for the first few hours of Lil G being home

photo 1 (3)


The best things in life are free. Love for each other is free. Time spent walking our doggy is free. Time spent together needn’t be lavish or expensive. Simple pleasures. The Ordinary Moments. We have each other, what more do we need! Is there anything better than Life As Our Little Family? 

And there you have it, my boys.

KA x


mummy daddy me



11 thoughts on “My Boys {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. This is just lovely and the photo of him by the moses basket is just adorable. Sob. I funnily enough just posted a photo of our kittens on instagram cuddling up to my eldest- it’s so special to watch their relationships isn’t it? Such a gorgeous friendship it seems. x

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  2. You are beautiful sisters. It’s so lovely to all get together and celebrate and it must have been nice to be out without having to worry about what time you get back. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I always love reading about your family xx


  3. Lovely post KA and how lovely to see such a bind between your boys. My two girls are funny. Molly tolerates O more than anything but that’s kind of how she is, a bit indifferent whereas Roxy adores him. I couldn’t find her the other night and she was curled up at the bottom of his bed! xx

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    • Oh wow, thats so cute, Alf always waits by Lil G’s bed whilst he has his bath but then its mummy & daddy time, hes slept in his bed next to one of us for 6 years so theres no moving him! I would love to wake up one morning to Alf asleep next to G! X


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