Hooray for Buddy {Days 9-15}

Another great week with Buddy for Our Little Family. We or should I say I have had some fun indeed. I have really enjoyed hearing the shrieks when Lil G has found our little friend. The magic is definitely still flowing. I would say that Lil G has really enjoyed the Elf antics this week, he particularly liked Days 12 and 13. I just love his anticipation for what Buddy has up to.

There was one day, when Lil G shocked me and actually said ‘where have you put Buddy today mummy’ … Thankfully this was just a glitch and I managed to brush right over the situation! Phew.

As I collected Lil G from Kindergarten yesterday, I was advised that he had been ‘A little helper’ as a reward for being VERY good. Within seconds of seeing me he mentioned that he couldn’t wait to tell Buddy so that he could tell Santa. How sweet. We have definitely used Buddy for a mixture a good behaviour and fun. Mostly fun.

Here is Buddy’s week in pictures…

Day 9-12 Elf Day13-15 Elf

And of course I couldn’t help but have a little fun with our Elf. He even managed a day at the office…

Elf fun (9-15)

Elf fun 9115 (a)

If you are running out of ideas then please do pop over to my Elf on the shelf ideas board on Pinterest. And here is last week’s post ‘We LOVE you Buddy’ where I share with you days 1-8.

How are your Elves doing? If you are new to this lovely little festive linky #ElfTakeover then hit the badge below and pop over to The Reading Residence to find out more…


The Reading Residence #ElfTakeover


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