Wicked Wednesday {17th December}

Wow, is it really the last #WickedWednesday of 2014? For this weeks offering I really don’t have anything so wicked, well not in the way our gorgeous boy looks or a face he is pulling. What I do have for you is a little story about what he did seconds after I snapped this photo…

FullSizeRender (1)



As we approached the @HLCupcake stand in Selfridges I was hoping Lil G was going to choose one of the less so expensive cupcakes, and when I say less so I mean a whopping £2.75. Eek. Oh no, Lil G went for a Snowman. Can you guess how much this little cutie was? Let me tell you. It was a mahoosive £3.50. I can hear the shrieks. Wait, there is more to come. Lil G went on to bite the Snowman’s head off and then said ‘I don’t want anymore, you eat it mummy’. Oh my goodness. Well that would have been super if I hadn’t spent £2.75 on my own cupcake! Double Eek.

Now if that isn’t Wicked I don’t know what is.




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