Christmas Day Outfits

It’s a day we have been building up to for some time now, a day where the Hargreaves family comes together to share a meal or two, some fizz or beer in the case of the men, and apple juice for Lil G! A day where we focus on Our Little Family, we hug, we kiss, we laugh, we cry at those no longer with us and smile lots at the joy on Lil G’s face as he realises Santa has been. And then we take a sigh of relief as they (I mean the in-laws) leave before bedtime only to return the next morning when we do it all again. And breathe. It’s OK, it is only for 2 days.

What I love about special occasions is that they are on the whole filled with joy. We make lots of very happy memories together and we certainly make one little boy very happy! Happy memories which will last until the next time.

Hopefully we will all be on Santa’s good list although it was touch and go for Lil G for 3 weeks! I’m quite excited this year as Mr H has picked out surprises for me! Yay. I do love a surprise. He’s such a great shopper and never disappoints. Most women would be filled with dread, oh no not I.

He on the other hand has ordered his own gifts and I am yet to see them! Such a cheeky monkey.

And now for the Christmas Day Outfits. Oh how I love to dress up! And to shop for Lil G. Here is what the Hargreaves Family will be wearing on Christmas Day…

Lil G…

George Christmas Day Outfit Picture

That would be me…

KA Christmas Day Outfit


Mr H…

Mr H Christmas Day

Outfits tags: Zara Jumper, Zara Trousers, Converse, Boden Knitwear, Topshop Skirt, Office Shoes, Folk Clothing Shirt, All Saints Chinos, Folk Shoes

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day? One year I would quite like to stay in my pyjamas for the duration however as we are choosing to eat out for a 2nd year that may be a problem! I’m not quite sure The Bears Paw, as flexible as they are would approve somehow!

KA x

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Day Outfits

    • Aww thank you for the post love my dear. I have a bucket list for Boden however I am thinking it is for special occasions only. We’ve done the shirt/jumper combo last year but allowed him to pick this year, I love this vintage jumper, proper Disney tag! x


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