My Last Commute of 2014

I thought it would be quite fitting to update my ‘commuter diaries’ for one last time. Today you see, is in fact my last commute to the office of 2014. Oh yes folks, I am officially on my Christmas Holibobs. Wahoo.


A few notes to my fellow commuters…

To the American Train Manager and the joyful Londoner who is often my Train Manager I would like to thank you for being so pleasant, for making me chuckle and smile as you remind me to look around for all my belongings as I leave the train! I often do need that reminder. One time, my laptop went all the way to London and back! Ssshhh don’t tell my bosses.

To the Professor who hops on at Macclesfield, you are a true gentlemen and I have really enjoyed our little liaisons. You really do brighten up my mornings although you do talk rather loudly in the quiet zone which upsets some of the passengers. You remain oblivious despite me whispering to you! I really hope that you enjoy the festivities with your family.

To the man with the grey hair on the platform at Stoke. Good evening Sir. I have missed seeing you this week and actually I had a Christmas card for you. Thank you for telling the noisy folk off in the quiet zone. You always admire the cakes I bake for the office, next year please do tell me when its your birthday and I will gladly bake you a cake.

To the man who eats three cream doughnuts each morning on the platform before 8.30am, I would just like to say that you may look like a doughnut by the new year! You’re expanding waist is certainly starting to resemble one my dear. Please have a think about your cholesterol levels. I am serious, I’m a little worried.

To the ever-increasing number of passengers who lay their shit paperwork all over the table and chairs only to look horrified when asked to move slightly. Can I remind you my dears that there are in fact four seats around a table and one chair per person which means you have exactly 1/4 of the table space.

And of course to the passengers who sit on the aisle seat, leaving the inside seat spare despite it not being reserved. This is not ok. Especially when travelling on a very busy commuting train. Eek.

To the people who always fall asleep, snore incredibly loudly, lift up their legs and try to ignore the fact that yes this is a rather busy commuting train, please just go to sleep an hour earlier the night before. I think you’ll find you will feel better for it.

Despite my little notes of frustration I have made a promise to myself and I would like to share it with you…

Be kind, be thoughtful, be helpful.

That way we will all travel in harmony and there will be no need for fisticuffs.

See you in 2015 my dear commuting friends.

KA x


The Reading Residence

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