You’re the man Buddy! {Days 16-22}

Firstly how much fun is having a little Elf come to stay with you? Lil G has LOVED it so much. I have enjoyed planning all the fun, mischievous and cheeky behaviour. I’m currently in the middle of making his exit plan for Christmas Eve night, and already have some of next year planned! Mr H says I am obsessed, my friends think I am crazy. I do these things for my boy as I know he enjoys it so much. I was right, he does and I am thrilled to be adding the Elf on the Shelf to Our Little Family Christmas traditions.

I will admit to being a little worried about days 20 and 21. Mr H took over for day 20 as I had a works Christmas Party and I was a little tipsy on the Saturday night from drinks with friends, when I thought wrapping the TV was a good idea. HUGE mistake. Lil G cried as he thought we couldn’t watch his morning TV with his milk. A parenting fail or drunken stupor right there. Eek. Although he did laugh about it a few hours later when telling his Uncle.

So, here are Days 16-23 with Buddy…


Days 16-19

Dyas 20-23


And of course we had a little fun in between nursery days, Christmas days out and toilet breaks. Every opportunity I have had hasn’t been missed…

Fun days 16-23

and more fun days 16-23

And then there was just one more day left! Oh my goodness. Last week Lil G mentioned him going and seemed upset, he hasn’t mentioned it since. So, just two more scenarios to plan, the morning of Christmas Eve and 5pm as he leaves for Lapland. On the plus side, that also means that we are SO close to Christmas Day where all the magic unfolds … Excited beyond belief.

I will be popping up a little goodbye post to Buddy on Christmas Eve so I guess there is only one more thing to say to you… Have a very Merry Christmas.

KA x 


The Reading Residence #ElfTakeover



7 thoughts on “You’re the man Buddy! {Days 16-22}

  1. Oh I think you’re done a fantastic job throughout December with your Elf, I’ve been really impressed by all of our ideas – and I love how Buddy is interacting with the toys. Genius!
    Have a very merry Christmas and I’ll be popping over to see how Buddy says goodbye

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  2. You have had so much fun with this – are you sure it’s Lil G that will be upset and not you?! Boo was a bit upset last year, our first year, but I’m hoping she’ll be better this year knowing that he does return again. And there is Christmas to take their minds off it! Thanks so much for sharing your fun with #ElfTakeover and have a lovely Christmas x

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    • Thank you for hosting my dear, it’s been a lovely wee linky. I have definitely enjoyed it. Lil G’s excitement has paid off for all the thought and money spent on outfits! I’m currently crafting and setting up all tomorrows scenes! Cannot wait I tell you. Have a lovely Christmas x


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