My Birthday Wish List

As Christmas, our Wedding Anniversary and New Year celebrations have now passed it is time for me to think of only one thing. My birthday. Oh yes, in 3 days time I will be turning yet another year older. The grand old age of 35 years is what I will be. Therefore my word of the week is…

Wotw 1-52


Mr H, who is a rather handy personal shopper treated me to surprises this Christmas which I absolutely loved. He clearly has been observing the situation as everything that found its way under the tree with my name tag on them certainly was required. Here are my Christmas gifts from Mr H…


Despite his keen eye, there will always be a list of little and BIG things I am dreaming of. Therefore I am introducing the birthday wish list. Hopefully Mr H is reading this, as he rarely reads my blog I may have to leave this page open!

I really am a huge kid when it comes to both surprises and counting down the days until a celebration. Becoming a year older has never bothered me, I think it’s quite exciting. I generally do see the positive in most things. Looking back and of course looking ahead and setting myself a few little  goals on the way. On top of all that our gorgeous boy has become very aware of birthdays and has been running around telling people. It’s so cute!

And then… On a little night out with friends over the festive period, I may have been mistaken for a 30-year-old! Boom. I’ll take that. He (maybe that is why) actually thought I was 30! I shall remind myself of this when I’m feeling 35 on my birthday!

I will admit to already having 1 of my birthday presents and wearing it daily! My mother in law and brother-in-law always dish out cash on my birthday. So, like any normal not so normal person, and for the first time in forever I made a dash to the Topshop sale at 8.30am on Boxing Day in pursuit of this….


Teddy Coat


And here is the rest of my birthday wish list..

My Birthday Wishlist Image

Tags: Petite Cheris Perfume by Annick Goutal, Boden Jewelled Pump, Cherry Lemonade Yankee Candle, Vintage Pendant from Modern Vintage Style,  Salt & Pepper Coat from Topshop and of course no birthday is a real birthday without a balloon!

Fingers crossed some of this makes its way to my lap on Sunday… I am by no means expecting it all, well actually that would be nice but for now I live in hope with my fingers and toes crossed.

If this is the first time you have seen the #WotW then do click the badge below and pop over to the lovely Jocelyn’s blog who hosts this linky…

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KA x 



21 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish List

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you get your wish list. I love a good Yankee candle. My favourite over the last couple of months has been fireside treats. Check out Woodwick too, I love the crackle they make! x

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  2. I am liking that wish list! I now want that pendant and need that candle, need it, I say! Well done on braving the Boxing Day sales, too! I’m like you with birthdays, I still get excited about them and don’t care about getting older, and I’ve a couple of years on you! Hope you have a fabulous day and get some of those gorgeous gifts, too. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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  3. Oh I do love the brown coat! Good luck and hope you get everything ticked off on your birthday list 🙂 Have a lovely special day and here’s wishing you and your family more blessings this 2015 🙂 #wotw.

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