My Style of the Moment {Boyfriend}

Introducing my first ‘My Style’ post of 2015. As I have been on holiday from work for the last two weeks I have really enjoyed closing the door on my work wardrobe and dressing up so to speak each day. I love a pj day as much as the next person but for me there is nothing more enjoyable than opening the doors of my dressing room and thinking ‘what shall I wear today?’.

I picture myself in a Carrie AKA Sex and The City type dressing room, you know the one, from the original SATC … not the pimped up version Big had made. Mine is definitely more like the wardrobe in her first apartment.

So, having spent some time with Lil G playing with his toys I have found myself seeking out my boyfriend type clothes, a loose top, an oversized cardigan and lets not forget the boyfriend jean. Now I don’t mean baggy, as I am still unsure if they actually suit me, what I mean is a slightly looser fit than my skinnies. Whether it be a vintage wash or a distressed denim I love the comfort and flexibility to look just a little bit stylish in the event of visitors as well as the feeling of comfort sitting on the floor playing with all of Lil G’s new toys.

And here we are…





Tags: Picture 1)  Cardigan (Topshop), Jeans (Topshop), Shoes (Gap). Picture 2) Top (Topshop), Jeans (Topshop) and my NEW shoes from Mr H this Christmas (Dr Martens)


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19 thoughts on “My Style of the Moment {Boyfriend}

  1. Much easier to wear to avoid the ‘flash the thong/big pants’ look that I find some jeans give, when you’ve got a bit of a looser pair. Love the broguey look shoes. Not usually a fan of Doc Martens, but loving those ones #sharewithme

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  2. Ahh they really suit you too. I have tried the boyfriend but I keep going back to the skinny. I am so short and I always feel like my body shape doesn’t suit the boyfriend even though i love it on everyone else I see it. Style jealous here. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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    • Aww thank you lovely. That’s very kind. They definitely are different and if you feel comfortable in skinnies then stick with them. As you are a little shorter why not go for the ankle grazer that way they actually lengthen your legs especially if worn with heels x


  3. I’ve only just started wearing “clothes clothes” when I’m in the house, mainly because Andrew kept complaining about me wearing pyjamas all the time! I suppose I like to avoid washing clothes too often because I’m worried I’ll ruin them, so I’ll take off my “good” stuff and hang it when I get in, and then put the jarmas on. Luckily I don’t get many unannounced visitors.

    Looking forward to more style posts 🙂



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    • Thank you lovely, means a lot to hear you say that. I’m just going to add a little bit more style in and then I will feel happy. Great birthday. Lil G got me THE best gift, I think you’ll love it. It may feature next week x x


  4. My mummy wear consists on leggings and oversized jumpers mostly. I think for me it’s quick and simple, I don’t need to think about what matches if I am staying at home. What your wearing to play at home in would be my going out in the day wear!

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