{The Ordinary Moments} #1 ‘Our Little Family’

All good things start and end with our little family. The last 17 days have been heavenly. Magical. It is the most time Lil G and I have spent uninterrupted with Mr H in some 12-months or more. What better time than at Christmas to spend strengthening those bonds as parent and child, as mummy and boy, father and son, as husband and wife.


This time of year is so special to us. We not only celebrate the obvious but it is also our wedding anniversary and today it was my birthday. So many people become sad when the new year rolls in, their words become sombre. We talk about what we haven’t achieved rather than what we have. No not me. I love to welcome a new year with enthusiasm. It brings with it a host of challenges but also adventure, fun, laughter, new friendships, new loves. And in my case lots of new things as Christmas and my birthday are so close!

Before Lil G arrived Mr H and I loved to eat out. To seek out new country pubs where we would spend lazy afternoons. Restaurants in the evenings which tantalised our taste buds. Sadly this is something we gave up when becoming parents. In the early days we used to take Lil G in his car seat or pram and still enjoy time just us as he slept. We had hoped that as he grew bigger we would enjoy days out often finished with a pub meal. This has not happened. Lil G, for almost 2 years has been a fussy eater. It was something he could control and oh how he did. It really put us off eating out. It was too hard and we became too stressed to enjoy it.

We have worked hard over the last few months to instill some balance and to bring back Lil G’s enthusiasm for food and willingness to eat. Today we took a leap of faith. Mr H has had a little pub in the Cheshire countryside on our wish list for some months (a little post coming in the week). Today we visited this pub. We ate. We enjoyed. Lil G ate. Lil G enjoyed. It was wonderful.

FullSizeRender (15)


FullSizeRender (14)

Today this was far from ordinary. It was extraordinary. I hope eating out becomes one of {The Ordinary Moments} for our little family. Life would be so much better with a country pub scheduled into my weekends.

And to top off the day Mr H and Lil G made a cake for my birthday. Home made cake = treat. Would you agree?

FullSizeRender (7)


FullSizeRender (8)


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5 thoughts on “{The Ordinary Moments} #1 ‘Our Little Family’

  1. Bit late doing my “The Ordinary Moments” rounds but better late than never! Lovely to discover your blog… lovely and positive and has a homey feel! Eating out is such a lovely treat and it sounds like all your hard work with Lil G has paid off! I hope you get to enjoy lots more country pub lunches over the coming months! Claire x`

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  2. First up that cake is amazing- well done to Mr H and Lil G for that! And I love this post, and I must admit I love reading your blog at the moment Kerri-Ann, you seem to be very similar to me in the way you write about your family. I love the photos, especially the top one of all of you. We had some lovely quality family time over Christmas and I was sad to see Mr E go back to work but he will be only back for a couple of days and then we are off on holiday, so that is a real treat. I was the same as you and eating out is one of my passions so we have just kept at it with our girls and we eat out a lot nowadays- sometimes they play up but generally they are pretty good. I don’t drink much nowadays so eating out is definitely our luxury. x

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    • Hello. I feel exactly the same about your blog, I love seeing your pictures. I also rarely drink so being able to eat out is what I look forward to. We have already made plans for our next trip out. Family means so much. Yes there are tough days but on the whole it really is a blessing. We both work full time so making the most of every moment is really key for me. I don’t see my family for one reason or another so really it is just my boys. Yesterday was so lovely, it rounded off our Christmas so perfectly. Ooh a little holiday sounds lovely. Enjoy my love. I have added a little sidebar image to my blog this year so that I can collate all ‘the ordinary moments’ posts in one place as I really enjoyed this linky last year. x


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