A Letterbox Cake Review

As someone who has a dedicated baking cupboard in our kitchen I was more than happy when Baker Days got in touch and asked me to review one of their cakes. Not only because it meant that we could of course enjoy eating the cake but also because I have always wondered about the prospect of ordering from a website and not a physical shop.

Andrea from Baker Days was keen for me to review one of the letterbox cakes. I was a little dubious. How possibly could you post a cake without it being damaged and what an unusual idea! Well I can tell you that the idea is genius. It works. We weren’t home when the cake was delivered and despite being pushed through our letterbox from a great height the cake was still in perfect condition, take a look…

FullSizeRender (18)

The letterbox cakes will serve 1 or 2, you could easily share this between 3/4. They are 5 inch cakes (12com x 2.5cm) so relatively small. A clever little idea as a gift. A personal gift I would say. Which as the name suggests can arrive through the post. Alongside a birthday card or to brighten up someones day. We have friends who have recently moved in a new home, surely a letterbox cake shared with a cup of tea would be a perfect way of settling into your new home!

So, how did it look, smell and taste…







Lil G is of course the judge on this one and I think you can tell from the pictures that it was a success. The taste test went well. It really did smell yummy. We opted for a gluten-free cake as that best suits our diet. It was delicious. Some gluten-free cakes can be stodgy, not this one. It looked fabulous and came beautifully presented.

The technical bits:

  1. The website is simple to use.
  2. You can personalise the cakes here and with over 500 designs available you really shouldn’t struggle to find the right cake.
  3. The team offer quick turnaround times so if you are in need of a last-minute gift then it is possible to have your cake delivered the next day if ordered by 2pm.
  4. A choice of flavours and recipes including a gluten-free and dairy free option which I think is fantastic however you do have to pay an additional cost

Would I order one? Yes I think I would. Cake, through your letterbox is sure to make you happy!

* Disclosure – we were gifted this item in exchange for this review. All words are my own



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