Commuter diaries (Continued)

For those of you that followed my commuter diary posts of 2014 … Guess who’s back, back again! For those that are new to my ramblings about life as a commuter, you can find them here.

This week saw me kick back in with the commute to the office, it is only 3 days so I know it could be much worse but already it has been a joy, not so much.

The doughnut man is nowhere to be seen. Is he catching an earlier train? Has his love for doughnuts consumed him and now he can no longer stand? Has something happened? I will report back!

Let me introduce you to the commuting fails of this week….

No 1… The train pulls in, there is a queue of people waiting to get on. What would a normal person do, argh yes stand aside I hear you say! No not this crowd. Instead they huddle around the door. Literally there was no where for the descending passengers to go and yet they didn’t move. Really. Move out-of-the-way. The sooner they get off, the sooner we get on. Simple.

No 2… The ignorance in the quiet zone. My last day commuting was Thursday. Not only did the three of them spread themselves over 8 seats, two table sections, they had my reserved seat. There were three of them and they were very loud. I didn’t have the energy at 8.25am to move them.

The conversation went a bit like this…

Me: Excuse me boys (they were grown men, I was trying to be polite) this is the quiet zone would you mind not talking and laughing so loudly?

Him: (oh yes just the one chirped back) Looking shocked at my point and question he went on to say ‘If we want to laugh and talk then we will’ whilst laughing at me in a pretty aggressive manner

Me: This is the quiet zone, there is a sign, you entered it knowingly, if you want to laugh and talk so loudly then go to another carriage. There are 9 other carriages

Him: Excuse me you’re talking, please be quiet, we are in the quiet zone. Whilst laughing and trying to gee up his friends to back him up, which they didn’t! At this point I wanted to take off my leopard print heel and shove it where the sun don’t shine

Me: Now you are just being rude, which there is no need for, I am merely pointing out that this is the quiet zone, please be a little quiet

Me: Sat back down, shaking and feeling very stressed. Great start to the day and work ahead of course. Why do people think it is OK to leave you feeling threatened?

The three men went on to discuss ‘my outburst’ well that’s what they called it, and the older gentlemen in the crowd to a degree backed me up. What upset me was the name I was called ‘stupid posh cow’. That is one thing I am not. I was merely asking them to be quiet.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. As much as Mr H tried to comfort me with this, I know that words are very powerful and can be very hurtful. On Thursday they hurt. Maybe it was more the way it was done. His behaviour. His attitude. The sheer ignorance. Trying to make me look stupid in front of the carriage doesn’t phase me, I have a toddler after all but speaking to me the way he did and laughing at me the way he did was rude.

I am a 35-year-old woman, who today was made to feel threatened. Verbally threatened and it has upset me. With all the upset in the world, why does this need to happen? Why can’t we just respect each other? Why can’t we be civilised and accept the rules.

It is wrong to judge. He will forget about me. I won’t forget about him. I will think about it the next time I get on a train. I did at the end of the day. What if he catches my train home? I wonder if he knew how I was still feeling some 9 hours after the event, would he feel guilty? Would he apologise?

As someone who experienced verbal abuse in my childhood this isn’t something which passes over my head. Sometimes you have to treat people with the same level of ignorance that they did you. So, Mr overweight, bad shirt wearing Southener Wo betide you get on my train again son!

And there you have, a bit of a roller-coaster of a commute!


10 thoughts on “Commuter diaries (Continued)

  1. That’s awful. I’ve had some bad commuter experiences too. I used to commute to college. I started getting followed by a stalker and ended up making the commute with police in tow after he tried to touch my legs. If you ever want a guest post, I’d happily share my story with you.

    I’ve also had some very positive commuter stories. I hope you meet some nicer people on future travels x


  2. I think words can hurt. Words can hurt alot. How awful that they were so rude to you, there really is absolute no need for that. Hope you are ok!
    But yay for commuter diaries being back. Please keep an eye out for donut man – or perhaps he popped over Christmas xx

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  3. Hmmm, not sure if my last comment worked or not because I was taken to another screen to login, so I’ll leave another just in case.

    Words can very much hurt and the sticks and stones phrase is so out dated. I really felt for you reading this and am gutted no-one was more supportive of you. Unfortunately some people are just d****!

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  4. I think the sticks and stones saying is one of the most out dated phrases around today. Words can very much hurt, and can often leave scars deeper and longer than actual physical violence. I really felt for you reading this and am gutted no-one else was more supportive of you.

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