Little Loves #3

Good day #LittleLoves crew. Is anyone else feeling tired this week? It has been one long week here in Staffordshire. I am ready for the weekend. As ever I love joining in with this lovely little linky hosted by Morgana over at ButWhyMummyWhy. Do pop over if you are new here.

Here are our #LittleLoves this week…


Moving swiftly on! I have failed miserably. I have neither written or read much this week. Full of cold.


We have now finished the first series of The Blacklist. We are hooked and have already moved on to series 2. We have also just started to catch up on Broadchurch which I have heard so many of you mention. How did I miss this and how much did I cry in the first episode? Oh my goodness. We’re currently at the point where the hubby’s affair has just been found out. Ooh he’s a bugger isn’t he. Chop it off I say.


Lil G has been experimenting and making suggestions for what he wears each day. Some days he most definitely gets it right…

FullSizeRender (52)


IMG_0798 (1)




A lot of people talking in the quiet zone on my commute to the office! I may need to take some headphones! This section will be much more interesting next week.


I am  pushing forward on my healthy eating and cutting out most carbs including potato, pasta, bread and rice. Therefore Mr H has been having a little fun in the kitchen coming up with new meals for me to eat that he can also join in with. It is all about the meat & veg! This week he made a really delicious cauliflower cheese with broccoli. A Jamie Oliver recipe if you fancy.

FullSizeRender (49)


And lastly…

As of this Sunday I will be taking on the role of ‘co host’ over on Street Style Sunday with Nat and Laura. If you haven’t heard of it then do take a look here. The linky goes live each Sunday at 10am. I would be oh so grateful if any of you lovely #LittleLoves crew could join in and help me push it along. I really don’t want to suck as a co host!

Obviously if style isn’t your thing then I understand! If you do get the chance of joining in one week then I will shower you in Tea & Cake as a thank you! Any style post, woman, man or mini style.  One of the changes I wanted to make to my blog direction this year was to add more style posts. Hopefully this will help that along nicely.

Have a lovely weekend. We are off on a little date night tonight and then nothing much else is planned as yet. How about you?




12 thoughts on “Little Loves #3

  1. Mmmmm that cauliflower cheese looks yummy, my mum swears by Jamie Oliver recipes, particularly his one for yorkshire pudding! I think you and Lil G are looking super stylish. I will check out ‘Street Style Sunday’, this definitely sounds like a linky i should be joining in with. I LOVE kids fashion! xxx #littleloves

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  2. I love that tartan scarf! I think I’ve told you that before! I’ve been late commenting this week, so have missed your hosting 😦 well done you though hosting it! I hope it all went well 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I couldn’t get into the Blacklist although hubbie loves it (I make him watch it on the laptop alone)! Little G is so stylish. My son would wear shorts and joggers every day if we let him! #littleloves

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  4. Yay for you hosting a linky! 🙂 Brill luvvie! If i can get my act together for a weekend post i’ll definitely join in pet. Lil G is quite the fashionista, just like his Mama. Gorgeous! And i love your hair up too! That was a very fashion based comment, wasn’t it? Everything else looks amazing as well! Have a great weekend poppet xx

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