Week 3 : Project 365 : A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year

It’s that time again, looking back over the week and choosing one picture from each of our days spent together. Such a lovely way to start the weekend. It has been a good week. A long week which has left me feeling tired but after a beautiful walk today I am feeling refreshed and ready to attack the rest of the weekend.

I will admit to it being quite tricky capturing a memory each Tuesday – Thursday as I only see Lil G for 2 hours on these days. As you will see from the pictures below they are from indoors, with no light therefore not the greatest of images. Today (Saturday, Day 17) has to be my favourite of all images from this year.

Here is our Week 3, Days 11-17 of Project 365…


Days 11-13 of 365

Days 14-16 of 365


Day 11: Mr Independent. Lil G has taken to dressing himself. Choosing his shoes and accessories to match and of course asking me ‘how do I look?’ – it makes me chuckle every time he says it. Ooh I could just eat him up.

Day 12: On a Monday and Friday I am lucky to work from home which means that I can walk my gorgeous boy to Kindergarten. The best start to the week. Holding hands. Chatting about our weekend. Heaven.

Day 13: Lil G and his obsession with hats. Whether it is be a bobble hat, a superhero hat, dress up or a cap, he has them in abundance. Following after his Daddy he is.

Day 14: Howdy Howdy Howdy. I came home to find this little fella playing Cowboys. Apparently I was Jessy. Don’t you just love Toy Story for bringing a child’s imagination to life.

Day 15: Early morning snuggles with my gorgeous boy before hopping on to my train. Precious times.

Day 16: Another day. Another dress up. This time he was a Ukulele playing Gruffalo! A rather talented one might I add.

And finally Day 17, a day of adventure. As full-time working parents we really do have to make the most of the weekends. Despite the cold weather, we wrapped up warm and headed out to take on the Gruffalo’s Child Trail at the stunning Delamere Forest in Cheshire. Such a perfect way to start the weekend…



If this is the first time you have come across this lovely Photo Project then do hit the badge below and browse through the other 365 projects…



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