We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re gonna catch a big one. What a beautiful day. We’re not scared. Oh no…

It’s The Gruffalo…


Well actually it wasn’t a bear hunt, it was The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child Hunt at Delamere Forest in Cheshire. If you haven’t taken part in one of these trails then you should! They are a must, and run until February so you don’t have long. An adventure to be had and an opportunity to tire your littles out! Win Win.

We first stumbled across the Gruffalo Trail back in August 2014, which you can read about here. We returned this weekend as we had been made aware that the forest had been transformed into The Gruffalo’s Child Trail. A different time of year, a slightly different theme but perfect for a frosty day. We really did have a super fun day. The weather was stunning albeit chilly willy, but nothing a hot chocolate couldn’t cure! I can highly recommend ‘The Works Hot Chocolate’. It was delicious…



After a tough week at work, a long week in fact, I was determined to get up, get out and enjoy some family time with my boys. To breathe in some fresh air. To blow away some cobwebs. To enjoy life as our little family. My boys have this ability of casting a happy spell. Reminding me of what is important. Family. Time spent together, {The Ordinary Moments}. We could have sat at home in our pj’s (we nearly did) but as we looked outside, we could see the makings of an adventure and knew that we had to make the most of it. The Gruffalo’s Child Trail it was.

Just like before Lil G absolutely loved the trail, it really is the perfect setting to entertain your littles for a few hours. From babies in a pram to pre-school age and much bigger kids, there is something for everyone. There are characters to spot, signs to follow, activities to complete, areas to explore, dens to be built, muddy puddles to jump in and of course the opportunity to just enjoy the woods. Such a great day out. The trail is without a doubt a great learning opportunity for children, in a really fun setting. Counting, drawing, exploring the surroundings. It certainly did bring out the Little Explorer in Lil G.

Here are a few pictures from our little adventure down in the deep dark wood…











For more information on a Gruffalo Trail near you follow this link http://www.forestry.gov.uk/gruffalo. Other than parking charges there is no cost to taking part in the Gruffalo Trails. You can buy an activity pack for £2 however this is not essential as the trails are clearly sign posted and of course a crowd of littles exploring! Running free, with the excitement building of finding, if you are lucky a wooden carving of the Gruffalo towards the end of the trail. There are several picnic areas so do pack your lunch as the trails are around 1 mile in length.

*Disclosure: We were given a free car parking pass from The Forestry Commission to review The Gruffalo’s Child Trail. All words are my own. We had a blast.


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38 thoughts on “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

  1. We did the Gruffalo Hunt in Delamere back in the summer but have yet to get round to doing the Gruffalo’s Child – I must add that to our list of things to do!
    Thanks so much for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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  2. Oh I’m so jealous! This day out looks just so perfect – just what you needed I expect as a bit of a ‘pick me up’ after your week at work. I’d love to go on a Gruffalo hunt – though i’ve looked up the locations and they’re all a bit too far away from us. Maybe though its something to look into coinciding with a future holiday|!! Any excuse! Such gorgeous pictures too – love it! Steph xxx

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  3. You all look beautifully wrapped up against the cold and ready to enjoy a fun walk. I must say the Gruffalo is just a great link up for the Forestry Commision, it has transformed woodland walks for so many. Looks like it did the job for you too. Great photos, I love the one studying the map. Now I have to try and create this for my wildlife trail! thank you for sharing your day on Country Kids.

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  4. Stunning photos. I really want to go on a Gruffalo Hunt (even if my daughter is too young to appreciate it.) I’m going to look and see where our local one is, I don’t want to miss it like I did with the Paddington Trail in London!

    Thanks for joining in with our #HappyDaysLinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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  5. What a fantastic day out 🙂 I’ve heard of these trails before, I think there are a couple not too far from us in Kent and Essex? I know my two would absolutely love going on a Gruffalo hunt, still a favourite book here! x

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  6. What a gorgeous day out and I love the photos. I keep seeing these Gruffalo Trails about and I really want to do one, I will have to find if there is one near us. I love the little cupcake too- so cute! x

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