We’ll see about that…

We’ll see about that he says. By he, I mean Lil G, our 3.5 year old! Our little Mr Independent. In fact I should write to Roger Hargreaves (who also shares our surname) and ask if he wishes to add a new ‘Mr’ to his collection.

Ooh he’s a cheeky monkey. Some days I look at him and I am blown away by how much he has grown up lately. By his maturity and understanding. He’s also rather funny and really makes me chuckle. Takes after his Daddy as I am really not funny. No, not at all.

I love to sit back and watch him play, seeing how his imagination builds a world around his toys. This is when I first heard him say ‘We’ll see about that’. He was playing with his beloved pirate ship and faced with a dragon who was trying to sink his ship, his response was ‘We’ll see about that’. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Oh to be 3 again. Wouldn’t that just be fabulous?

FullSizeRender (49)

Usually I laugh, that was until he used it tonight! Oh my goodness. How this fun little phrase has turned into my nemesis. Mr H just chuckles and actually I think it has come from him. It is often what he says to me when I refer to a coat or anything Cath Kidston I may have seen! Eek. Dam you Mr H.

This is how one gorgeous, funny little phrase has turned on me…

Me: Time to take off the headphones – Lil G: We’ll see about that (with hand on hip)

FullSizeRender (48)


Me: Time for tea – Lil G: We’ll see about that

Me: Right kid, bath time – Lil G: We’ll see about that

Me: Only 2 stories tonight, it’s late – Lil G: We’ll see about that

Lil G: Where am I going tomorrow? – Me: Nanny’s – Lil G: We’ll see about that

Me: Time to tidy up your toys – Lil G: We’ll see about that

Me: Time to go home (it was freezing) – Lil G: We’ll see about that (whilst laughing)



You can see where this is going. Oh dear. Mr H, dear Mr H, this is you kid! This is on you. Look what you have done. This will teach you for saying no to a new coat! Ha ha ha.

What little phrases drive you crazy?

KA x

Mami 2 Five

9 thoughts on “We’ll see about that…

  1. Haha definitely made me chuckle, kids are awful for this they say something and even though we are trying to be deadly serious they come out with something and make us laugh.
    Declan likes to say “Are you joking?” When I am being deadly serious,
    Me: Its time for bed
    D: Are you joking?
    Me: No I’m being serious
    D: Yeah, you’re joking aren’t ya!

    Really not haha…

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  2. oh this made me laugh so much!! Someone obviously said to h “keep your hair on” so for a while when I was asking him to do something or telling him off he’d say “alright mummy, keep your hair on”. Funny at first then a little annoying ha. This post is so funny lovely xx

    Liked by 1 person

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