Adventure, Learning and Snuggles … #LittleLoves

Last weekend was lovely, filled with winter walks and snuggles. It has been a good week with last night and this morning leaving me feeling all gooey from Lil G’s sweetness. Who needs sugar when you have Lil G!. The weekend ahead looks pretty fabulous too. So I am jumping straight in with our #LittleLoves and what we have…


This week I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading. I managed to catch up on two of my favourites, Sian of Potty Mouthed Mummy. I really enjoyed this post; ‘Why Did We Get Married’ which really touched me. With power comes great responsibility. One day, our little people will talk openly to their friends about their feelings towards a subject so for me it is best to be accepting of others. As someone whose parents separated when they were at school I found the school playground an awful place to be. Children with their parents viewpoints. They were so harsh and subsequently bullied me.

I also read this gorgeous post from Kiran over on Mummy Says ‘Grandparents and Childcare’.  I know only two well, the burden that is placed on grandparents, I am so grateful we have family who are able to care for George 2 days per week. Childcare costs are crippling and we really did have to cut back for almost 2 years to cover the cost. Since September when the 15 hours free took over we have seen a huge difference in the little things which we can enjoy again. I am forever thankful to our family.


What have we watched? Ooh yes, Broadchurch. We are now up to date and completely gripped. But wow has horrid is the barrister defending the killer. Eek. And then there is Silent Witness. It’s going to be an emotional few weeks. The story lines always grip and make me wish I was a forensic scientist. Although this week I really struggled with the social worker. What a tough job she has. But then again with power comes responsibility. How could she ignore the opinion of the young Dr. All because of her misjudgment those parents missed their babies first steps.


Laughs, and giggles, the joy coming from our little monkey. I challenge you to give me a better sound!

On another note we have been learning all about phonics as Lil G is learning to read and practising his sounds of the alphabet. Phonics are hard.


I picked up this little beauty in a sale this week at Handmade By HollyCrow. It is a velvet lined jacket. Fits like a blazer and I am in love…

FullSizeRender (52)

FullSizeRender (50)



Memories (a tenuous link I know). Such a beautiful winters walk last weekend…




And lastly…

Mr H and I are off on a ‘date day’ tomorrow with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday. Which means a full day together, drinking, chatting and eating some lovely food, before we head back from Manchester on the last drunken train. That bit I am not looking forward to but the rest I am! Lil G is off for a sleepover with his best buddy which I know he will absolutely love. I will miss him but I guess it means that I need to make the most of this evening, tomorrow morning and of course Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend lovely #LittleLoves crew x x




10 thoughts on “Adventure, Learning and Snuggles … #LittleLoves

  1. I was sure I commented on this post over the weekend! Sorry KA.
    Anyway.. I adore your new jacket, super stylish and warm. Winter walks are lovely aren’t they (well when it’s dry anyway!) Hope you’ve had a good week this week xx

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  2. Loving that coat and hat lovely lady! I’m not into the Broadchurch thing at all…feel like I’m missing out! Hope you had a good weekend (bit late in commenting) xx

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  3. Gorgeous jacket, it really suits you! Love the pictures in you made section, such a lovely family! I’m very jealous of your all day drinking!! Hope you have a great day and the head isn’t too sore on Sunday morning! Have a great week xxx

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  4. I love your jacket. I’ve got Silent Witness to catch up with on my planner. We’re learning phonics again. I find myself spelling everything in phonics now! Your walk looks great. There is a fab Gruffalo trail on the chase near us, brilliant for blowing the cobwebs away x #littleloves

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  5. Gorgeous week my dear! I absolutely love your jacket, and am totally off to have a nosey on that website! Lil G is very cute, as ever! Have a brilliant day tomorrow lovely xxx

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