Eat, Drink, Nap

This weekend Mr H and I spent a whole day and evening just us. A whole Saturday. Such a rare event. Usually we go out separately, or I generally come home as our babysitter (my mother-in-law) doesn’t like to stay later than 11 pm. These days together really are so special and have become one of {The Ordinary Moments} for us. Before Lil G arrived this would be something we did every week. The last time we did a ‘Day Date’ was our 2nd wedding anniversary, that was 2 years ago! Wow, we really need to work on that.

Having the time to switch off from being mummy and daddy was just lovely and so important. To reconnect as husband and wife, talk about life, the week gone by, the two amazing holidays we have to look forward to this year and of course to spend some time with our friends. No distractions. Just us. Here we are in Australasia…

FullSizeRender (88)

What did we do?

We hopped on a train to Manchester, enjoyed an hour or so to ourselves before meeting up with two friends and made our way around some of our favourite bars and restaurants in the Northern Quarter and Spinningfields. It was perfect. Such a fun day, great food, drink and lovely friends. We were all a little sad that we had to run for the train at 9.30 pm.

We started the day in a new bar, one we have never visited before and we are so glad we stumbled across it. Cane and Grain in the Northern Quarter. We absolutely loved the decor, I would say wall furnishings actually as the place was so decorative. A superb choice of drinks and our bartender was more than happy to help me choose a beer. We didn’t eat but the food we saw looked good. Presented on tin trays it was. It’s all in the detail! It is now on the must visit list! The chilled feel was just right for us, top that with great music and we now have a new bar to visit…

FullSizeRender (90)


FullSizeRender (89)


Once we met with our friends it was the perfect time to line our bellies as the afternoon and evening was meant to be a boozy one. Mr H is a HUGE fan of Solita and had promised to take me. I am so glad he did. Dressed like an american diner, the food didn’t disappoint. Reasonable too. We can highly recommend the Big Manc Burger which the boys tucked into whereas I knew even the regular Solita Burger would beat me which it did…

FullSizeRender (91)


FullSizeRender (92)


Tip: Look at the black board behind the bar. Our waiter sadly didn’t tell us about the special so we missed it and it sounded so good!

We then headed over to Spinningfields for a few girly cocktails. Mr H knows how to make a girl smile! We have three favourite bars in Spinningfields; The Oast House, The Lawn Club and Australasia. All three never disappoint and always a must visit for us. All so different too…



FullSizeRender (87)


FullSizeRender (86)


We then made our way back to the Northern Quarter. We started in the Terrace where we continued with our intake of cocktails. Such a great menu. My friend and I can highly recommend these two…

FullSizeRender (55)


FullSizeRender (48)


We ended the night in the Whiskey Jar and Kosmonaut. I love the quirky style of the bars in the Northern Quarter. Take a look at the styling and of this very cool light fitting in the Whiskey Jar


FullSizeRender (85)


I LOVE Kosmonaut and the bar tender was superb. I can see it being a great place to relax in the day time. I couldn’t see the cocktail I was looking for on the menu however the bar tender was more than happy to oblige. An espresso martini. A perfect end to a perfect day…



FullSizeRender (49)


And that was our day in Manchester. If you would like to read about what I wore on our Day Date then you can read about it here.

KA x 


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6 thoughts on “Eat, Drink, Nap

  1. Day dates are the best and I was just thinking the other day Mr P and I need one soon. I love Manchester we don’t live far from it and used to go often. We even recently went out in Manchester to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had a blast. Love the outfits and looks and sounds like you had a great night to remember. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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  2. That cocktail has sweeties in!! Amazing! It sounds like a perfect day and days like this are definitely needed to spend some time with your other half and friends and let loose a little. Sounds like so much fun, I need to try and go into Manchester more but I always seem to opt for Liverpool. The bars look brilliant! xx


  3. Ah I love the cocktails at Terrace! Loved reading this as Manchester is such a special place for us, my hubby is from there and we often go back up to see his side of the family. We really need a date day and evening, I can’t remember the last time we had one, we had an evening out in November and stayed over which was the first time ever, but we had to rush home in the morning. Looks like you had a lovely time. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Such a super day, I did pay for it today though, not only my bank balance from all the expensive cocktails but also the hangover and the very early swimming lesson but it was all absolutely worth it and Lil G didn’t say no to a little family siesta this afternoon. Oh yes, I remember reading that your hubby is from Manchester. We are actually an hour outside of Manchester but is where we have always gone for a night/day drinking. I really do love Manchester. Thanks for popping over honey x


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