Dancing in the rain

Getting caught in the rain with no umbrella, no hat, no wellies and certainly no waterproof coat can mean only one thing … A disastrous hair day! So with that in mind I need to go ‘rainy day’ shopping! Shopping is always the answer right?

Like any normal person who foolishly left the house without a single piece of waterproof clothing in their possession, I hopped onto Google and came across the ‘Right as Rain’ collection on Joules. Sounds perfect given my recent disaster! What’s not to love about this little collection; bright colours, floral prints, spots, gorgeous ankle wellies & a yellow Mac. It is all about the yellow Mac!

Like most shopping trips I tend to come back with far more than necessary, so, I need your help. What do you think? Outfit 1 or Outfit 2…

Joules Image 1 (1)

The fun didn’t stop there! Lil G is all about establishing his mini style at the minute. Choosing his clothes and popping his wellies on at any given opportunity. It is all about the muddy puddles in his world. This is what he chose for his rainy day outfit. Ahoy me hearties…

Joules Image2

Cute! I adore this pirate theme. So much fun for a little one.

You can find all of the above items (excluding the jeans) in the ‘Right as Rain’ section over on the lovely Joules Clothing site. I need that Yellow Mac! Can someone pass the message on to Mr H!?

*Disclosure – I have been compensated for this post. All choices and words are my own. Simply gorgeous 


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