Lets Celebrate…

I am one proud mummy. The celebration is that Lil G can swim! Not great lengths of course, he is only 3.5 years old after all but really the boy can swim. And it was so wonderful to see. Unaided, nearly a width of the baby pool. The kicking of his legs, the head bobbing up to take a breath before kicking and splashing his arms some more. He’s been ‘nearly there’ for some time but has been struggling with having enough strength. Frustrated as some of the bigger children have moved on. Premature birth certainly hasn’t affected his emotional development but his strength, weight and height have been stunted.

On Sunday the boy had strength. He had power. He swam. He loved. He was proud. I was proud. I may have cried.

FullSizeRender (101)

As much as I sat there with the biggest smile on my face I couldn’t help but think… What have I missed? Watching Lil G swim each week was once one of {The Ordinary Moments} for our little family. This week it became extraordinary all over again.

Since the new year I’ve decided to add a little exercise into what already feels like a packed out schedule. I work full-time, I blog in the evenings and on a weekend, I write for a parenting website, then there is our gorgeous boy and of course Mr H and our furry baby. Not to mention the house cleaning (who’s kidding I don’t do that!). Ok let’s try that again, not to mention meeting up with friends and family (that’s more like it).

So far it seems to be going well. That was until Sunday when I thought to myself what have I missed? For the first time this year I joined Lil G and Mr H for his swimming lesson. I cancelled my Caveman class. Lil G has swam with Water Babies since he was 5 months old and until this year I have watched him take his lesson each week. Seen the progression and the delight on his face and Mr H’s when they have mastered a new technique. By not going to classes I know I have missed things, the feedback each week from the boys is, as expected minimal!

On Sunday I realised just how far he has come on since we broke up at Christmas. I realised just how much I have missed. I couldn’t quite believe what I was watching. Lil G was swimming, unaided, really giving it some welly. I’ve missed it. This is what I have sacrificed by squeezing in 3 Caveman classes a week. Is it worth it? I promised myself this year that I should make more time for me. However by doing so just look at what I have missed.

What do I do about it? Should I continue with the plan and drop one class a month to watch Lil G swim or do I give up on my Sunday class completely? Help.

Seeing how Lil G had progressed in just a few weeks I couldn’t help but take a look back. Our water babies journey in just a few photographs, 2011 – 2015…
























Running in Lavender


3 Children and It

32 thoughts on “Lets Celebrate…

  1. Beautiful post honey. Isn’t it amazing how proud you can be of your child and how emotional you get at these situations. I love the flashback shots of when your boy was a baby, it really shows how far he’s come and how much he’s grown.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

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  2. Swimming at 3.5? That really is amazing and more than worthy of the #loudnproud badge! Gosh motherhood is so hard, isn’t it? We are always so torn with life pulling us this way and that. Don’t react out of guilt though because that won’t be for the right reasons. If in your heart, you know you should be at swimming lessons then do it. But also remember that we simply cannot do it all. We are not superhuman. Only you can really give the answer though.x

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  3. Awww well done to him! Charles is older and has only been going to swimming lessons for 8 or 9 weeks but it is amazing watching him and seeing the changes. It must be hard to make that decision, however if it was me, I would watch him swim and see if there is another time to do the Caveman training, or another class. Saying that I think it’s also lovely that he has that time with his dad and it’s something they do together and is their bonding time. It’s a hard decision and I hope you can work out a resolve soon x

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  4. Well done little man! Such a great achievement at such a young age! Amelia has been going to classes since she was 6 weeks, she is doing really well almost two years later, hope by next year she will be like your little boy and swimming on her own x

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  5. This is a gorgeous post K and I loved looking at all the pictures from then to now. We enrolled Mads in swimming classes when she was tiny, then stopped them, then started again last year, and then stopped again. We really should do again as Mads loves swimming but isn’t off on her own yet, it does help them become so much more confident. We love swimming together. It is hard when you miss things, I fully empathise with you. Hopefully you can come to a decision that works for you all. x

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    • Awww thank you Katie. I have come to the conclusion that I can dip in and out of them and alternate with a different weekend class as these are the moments I won’t get back with Lil G. He is off to school in September and come then there will be so many things I miss as he will be doing them at school. The parenting guilt really does keep rearing it’s head of late. Maybe it is the return to work and the fact I am still struggling to adapt to not seeing him everyday. I’m looking forward to meeting you in March. KA x


  6. It’s always a tricky balance isn’t it? I’ve just stopped taking my little girl swimming. She’s moved into a transition class now, between the ‘parent and child’ classes that we’ve done together since she was six months, and the independent classes she’ll start when she turns three. We knew she’d try to get me into the pool with her for these classes so my husband is doing them instead (idea is for parents to sit on the side and not get in while the kids learn the structure of the ‘bigger’ class)! I only get to see the first couple of minutes of her class now which makes me a little sad… she is doing brilliantly though! The boys obviously take classes on their own, so I only get to see the odd couple of minutes of them too at the start and end of classes! They do grow up so fast! I hope you find the right balance for you x Thanks for sharing with #ThePrompt x

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  7. Well done Lil G with the swimmimg! My eldest son moved up a group in his lessons this week which we were very proud of. My husband has been on swimming duty with him so i only get to watch every so often but i quite like that daddy has this time with him. Children are learning all of the time and whilst we want to capture everything first hand, we have to balance this with looking after ourselves as well. Giving yourself some time back as well is not something you should feel guily about but you have to do what makes you feel most comfortable.

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  8. Awww well done Lil G are doing so brilliantly! Sometimes it’s so hard to find a perfect balance and even if we some how manage to, there will always be a milestone we miss no matter how big or small it maybe. Such lovely photos of Lil G full of lovely memories to.xx

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  9. Oh, lovely photos of Lil G swimming through the ages there. And well done to him! Boo’s just started swimming lessons last week, so this milestone is a little way off for us yet! It’s difficult to find a balance, isn’t it? I tend to lean towards the opinion that time flies and they grow so quickly that I don’t want to miss it, but then you can’t see every single thing that they ever do, and once he’s at school, he’ll be learning so much without you seeing it all x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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  10. A lovely montage of photo’s. And a tough balancing act that most of us will recognise. In the end, you have to find something that works for you and I hope you can work it out. It might be trial and error and will always involve some form of compromise though.

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  11. Great photos. We have so few because no-one ever comes with us (N’s dad has never been and N graduates from Water Babies in 2 weeks, having started at 3 months!), so I’ve relied on a couple of mums on the side taking them. Must get someone to come for the last class.

    Lil G’s done brilliantly. N still can’t swim a width, even about half the class have done 10 metres. We had a year of water wobbles, and although I think he can do more than he thinks, he’s fine going through a woggle tunnel, but tell him to swim to me and he just sinks because he gives up and doesn’t kick or more his arms. Drives me insane after all this time that he still has no confidence. Mind you, he was a star learning butterfly legs last week…shame he can’t swim crawl and still refuses to do a start float without me holding him (or at all).

    I would definitely give up one day a month. I can’t believe that my OH doesn’t want to see what N can do, I think it would give him so much more confidence having his dad turn up. Exercise can be done later or earlier surely? I know I wouldn’t want to miss out – crikey, I cry when the others in N’s class achieve something brilliant.

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    • What age will N be graduating? We were just wondering when we will be made to stop. George goes to school in September. I can definitely go to a different time and possibly a Saturday, I think that’s how I will get around it it was so wonderful last week. There is a real mix in our class, some who literally don’t need any support and others that still cling. Confidence in the water is so important. I’m so glad we have stuck with it. I remember G having a few wobbles but only for a few weeks. So many gave up after the wobbles. Well done you for sticking to it x


      • N was 4 last week. They graduate at the end of the term they turn 4, although some they attempted to stop in the previous term – which is madness because many places won’t let them start lessons until they’re 4, so then there’s a gap. So depends on birthday. One of his class had to stop in July, even though he wasn’t 4 til the end of August, while some will keep going right until they start school. His new lessons are in the same pool but will be the first time he’s been in the pool on his own. Bit concerned about that, but I’m hoping he won’t regress lots by being put in floats where he’s never had them before. I think they use stomach things with bars and arm discs. but we’ll see how he goes. Will be strange not having to get in the pool with him every week.

        We wouldn’t have stuck at it if Water Babies hadn’t encourage us. We had one term off, and then another term I was going to give up, but N had an epiphany in the last week and all of a sudden loved it. He just seems to have very long plateaus and regressions, compared with others. some are so confident, but it’s really noticeable that all of those swim with their dads, and go swimming on holiday etc. We don’t (because we never go on hols!) and when I take him swimming, it’s just me. It really makes a difference as to what you can do if they won’t let go of you and swim to the edge, when there’s noone to chuck them around the pool and have fun, or swim towards. I really think his dad’s failed him a bit in this – a little bit of effort might have made all the difference and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see if it did help.

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        • Aww that really does sound a shame. We have always gone to water parks and local pools especially when the summer and winter terms mean there are no classes. I know what you mean about the extra support, it really does make a difference having two people involved. I have swam with G but only for 2 months when Mr H had an operation. I loved it. G is late June so I guess we’ll finish for the summer then it is our turn to take over with regular mainstream classes. I do find it strange that G can swim without aids but oddly in mainstream classes they will be wearing floats. Surely that must be strange for them. I guess we’ll see. You really have done right by your little one for sticking with the swimming so many wouldn’t have done so. x


  12. Oh look at him as a baby! Too cute. It’s tough isn’t it? Finding the balance that is right for us. H goes to rugby each Sunday morning but just with Daddy. I loved going in the early weeks but he is more disciplined about it when I’m not there and it gives those two some one on one time as H is a mummy’s boy.

    Maybe switch to 2 caveman sessions a week? x

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  13. What a lovely montage of photos and a huge well done to Lil G on being able to swim – definitely a very proud mummy moment for you. It’s hard sometimes isn’t it to find the balance between having time for ourselves to recharge and feeling like we’re missing out – good luck with deciding on what feels right for you with regards to whether to drop one class a month or the Sunday class all together. Maybe you could try a couple of months of just dropping one class a month and then drop it completely if you feel you want to be there more after that?

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