New hair, New coat, Pirates and Sledging #LittleLoves

Hello #LittleLoves crew. Well, as a work week it has been pretty rubbish. As a blog week it has been super. As a week with my boy it has been super and should only get better as today is the start of my weekend for me … Yippee.

So, lets take a look at this weeks #LittleLoves …


Not too much if truth be told. I plan to change that this weekend. Today is the start of my weekend, a whole 3 days (have I mentioned this?). I plan to buy a magazine and to grab a few quiet minutes. I am sure it will only be minutes!


We started to watch a new series last night. Fortitude. 12 episodes. It is a thriller television series. If I am honest I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet. I do love the shows on Sky Atlantic so I will give it another shot. More than happy to stick to Broadchurch at the minute. We are also huge fans of Silent Witness but crikey the stories this time have been pretty harrowing.


If truth be told this has to be my favourite section of the #LittleLoves at the minute. I love to share what I have worn but also I love to read what you and your littles have worn. A new Jacket, hair up and new ballet pumps for me… Oh and my wellies because we have SNOW! Eek

FullSizeRender (70)


FullSizeRender (69)


FullSizeRender (51)


FullSizeRender (52)

And for Lil G….

FullSizeRender (97)


FullSizeRender (56)


The screams of excitement when Lil G realised he could go sledging. But not just regular sledging he wanted the hills! He’s such a thrill seeker…



IMG_2196 (1)



Mmmm. Lil G and I will be baking one of the Sweet Pea Pantry sets this weekend so I will report back next week! We are still making recipes from this ‘Easy Indian SuperMeals’ cookbook and I can highly recommend it, especially for those with fussy eaters.

FullSizeRender (30)

and lastly…

We have booked ourselves a little holiday to celebrate Lil G’s 4th Birthday. It is a surprise so let’s keep it a secret for now sssshhhh. It will be our first flight as a family. Mr H and I haven’t flown since our honeymoon in 2010/11 so we are really looking forward to the whole ‘airport adventure’ with Lil G. We fly the day before his birthday and will have 5 glorious days. Fun filled days taking in the magic that is DisneyLand Paris. We are beyond excited. And now it is now time for me to start planning the big unveiling… Eek.






16 thoughts on “New hair, New coat, Pirates and Sledging #LittleLoves

  1. I love your green tartan scarf. I’ve been looking for one like that for a while…..although I was naughty and bought a(nother) leopard one instead!
    The Disneyland surprise sounds wonderful. We went with our boys at Christmas in 2013, which was fantastic xx

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  2. Yay, for Disnleyland Paris, so exciting. We’re thinking of taking O next year so I can’t wait to hear all about it. My brother went before Christmas and the most I could get out of him was “It was good!” Brothers!!
    Love your ballet pumps and Lil G’s trainers, so cute! Great little loves xxx

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  3. Squeeeee for Disneyland! What a fab surprise!
    I’m still loving that coat! Really suits you…as does the updo!
    More snow!!!! we’ve not had any!
    Have a great weekend x

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  4. Loving your coat and how you’ve styled it….it’s really gorgeous on you. I have to confess that I’ve been most interested in the ‘wore’ parts of everyones #littleloves this week…how shallow of me 🙂 Great that you got snow too – always great to get a day or two of snow..but then for it to melt away and not cause too much disruption! Hope you have a great weekend and get that magazine time to yourself. Ax

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  5. Oooooh how exciting, a surprise birthday trip to Disneyland Paris, Lil G is going to be made up! I really want to take the boys before they start school, still working on the Mr though! That outfit looks great on you mama, LOVING the camera bag! Have a lovely weekend xxx #LittleLoves

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  6. I really like your jacket, and wish I could, or could feel comfortable, in clothes like that! How exciting to be going to Disney. I really want to go nut I think we should wait until the boys are older. I will live it through others meanwhile! Happy weekend missus x

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  7. Oh we loved Disneyland Paris! How exciting for you all! Lil G will be in his element, I have no doubt! Pretty pretty prettiness K-A. You have such lovely taste. Really love your jacket and the new shoes too! Have a lovely weekend sweetpea xxx


  8. Wow for Disneyland Paris.You’ll have an amazing time I’m sure. Lil G looks like he’s having a ball on the sledge. We’ve not had enough to go sledging yet but I live in eternal hope x #littleloves

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