Glorious Nothing Days

Oh how I miss you glorious nothing days. Dilly dally days. Sit at home days. Pyjama days.

Yesterday I took a day’s holiday from work. It was the best thing I have done. A little time just for me. I was lucky enough to have taken a full two weeks break at Christmas, but my goodness I am still adapting to being back at work. It has been 4 weeks but honestly, it feels so much longer. Don’t get me wrong January hasn’t been a miserable month, as a family and personally we have had a great start to the year. We have two holidays to look forward to, one of which has been gifted to us via my blog and the second is a surprise trip to DisneyLand Paris to celebrate Lil G’s 4th birthday. An amazing start really. I know so many of you struggle with the month of January but for me it’s just been the battle with routine.

So my day off went a little bit like this…

We awoke to a beautiful blanket of snow and quickly decided we would head out with the sledge for a bit of fun before dropping Lil G off at Kindergarten. As I waved goodbye and made my way back across the deadly silent but beautiful field I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. You know the one, parent guilt. I was dropping Lil G off at Kindergarten to enjoy a day to myself. Surely that’s not right? Well actually, I was almost ok with it but still I could feel the guilt creeping in.

Lil G had a fun day ahead of him and I had promised to pick him up early. Surely a win win. And on top of that we still have to pay for his days even if he isn’t in so it’s a huge waste of money, £43 actually!

From the warm burrow of my sofa, snuggled under my blanket I enjoyed some all about me time. I blogged, I caught up on some of my reading, I answered some bloggy emails and drank copious amounts of tea.

Just to clarify, my tea was hot, I drank my tea hot! Something which is so rare these days, I’ve actually come akin to the taste of cold tea! Before Lil G arrived I never like Iced Tea, I’ve grown to love it over the years!

The day was quickly passing me by and so I had two more must haves on my list before collecting Lil G. I wanted to paint my nails and to read a magazine. Tick Tick. I went for a little punch of colour, I can dream of spring can’t I?! And I managed to grab some time just me and a magazine! Woohoo.

You can always rely upon a day just to yourself to leave you feeling a little refreshed. Painting nails, writing a few words, reading a few, looking at some pictures and lets not forget snuggled under a blanket drinking hot tea! Heaven. And then I collected my boy! Woohoo.

A few photos for you…











I made a promise to myself at the end of last year that I would make more time just for me, yesterday was just that. Glorious nothing days. Only a few hours but nonetheless it was all about me.

How do you relax?

KA x



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5 thoughts on “Glorious Nothing Days

  1. Oh this sounds like pure bliss! The simplest things, the dilly dally days as you say, are so very precious now aren’t they? Lovely to hear about yours, and hope that you get to sneak another in before next year! Thanks so much for linking to #AllAboutYou

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    • Rather last minute. The business I work for honour a ‘days holiday’ for a birthday. As mine was at the beginning of Jan I decided to take it on Friday as needed a day doing nothing but things that make me smile. You need it some days don’t you. x


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