Me and Mine: A Family Portrait {January 2015}

I am excited to be doing Me and Mine this year with some of my favourite blogs to read but also many I have never come across. I love the idea of this project. Capturing our time as a family. As we have not yet invested in a DSLR we are relying upon my Iphone and a selfie stick. I dipped in and out of this last year however I really do want to make this something we do each month. Already we have failed miserably and waited until the last-minute to take these photo’s in Lil G’s playroom. I will do better for February I promise.

Here are ‘Me and Mine’ for January…


FullSizeRender (76)


FullSizeRender (64)


FullSizeRender (61)


And here are our little loves of January…

Lil G…

Dressing up, mostly pirates and Hulk. His ever-growing toy collection. Lots of fun in the snow. Phineas & Ferb. Winter Walks. His swimming lessons.

Mr H…

Some quality time as a family. Making plans to decorate our bedroom. Booking a surprise trip for Lil G to DisneyLand Paris. Time out as a couple. Time with friends.


Birthday presents, a day date with Mr H in Manchester, a me day last week and a day date with Lil G. I have made a conscious effort to add more style posts to my blog this year which I am really enjoying. Caveman Training in an attempt to be a better me. Bargains in the sale.

And that was our Me and Mine for January. Do pop over to see all the other bloggers, there are some really lovely captures…

dear beautiful

7 thoughts on “Me and Mine: A Family Portrait {January 2015}

  1. I don’t think you’ve failed miserably at all, I think these are really sweet photos, especially that middle one, you all look so happy. Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x

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  2. Oh yours still looks lovely even if it is last minute! At least little G stays still 🙂 I think we may need to invest in a selfie stick as relying on my mothers photographic skills is not working out. You look like such a happy bunch xx

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  3. Oh so glad we weren’t the only last minute, mad dash to get a family portrait done family. Love that you did your shots in the toy room the background looks so colourful.

    Like you I’m planning on making this a regular monthly post. Hope I can be more organised this month, because you know what happens when you’re in a rush (tee hee). xx

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