Project 365, Week 6, A Photo A Day, Everyday, For A Year

A week of firsts and things we love. Snuggles, lazy mornings and oversized toys. Here are the moments I have captured during Week 6 of Project 365…


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Photo 1: Lil G’s first trip to pizza hut. We went to watch Big6Hero which we absolutely loved. And after that it was time for pizza. Despite filling the bowl with an epic portion of ice cream he decided very quickly to pass it on to Daddy .. brain freeze!

Photo 2: Modelling his new SplashAbout UV Combi suit. A little item we have been gifted.

Photo 3: All sleepy and snuggly. This was the day I left my boys in bed as I left the house for the train. It was a struggle I tell you.

Photo 4: Nothing at all can take this boys attention away from the movie Toy Story. From the age of 1 years old he has absolutely loved it. Transfixed. I love to watch how he acts out the story with all his toys. The good news is, it’s one of our favorites too.

Photo 5: Each time he picks up one of his Disney toys or teddy’s I can’t help but feel a wave of excitement come over me. He is really going to enjoy Disney Land. Paris here we come. Well actually it’s not until June. For now I will enjoy the planning. 138 days.

Photo 6: My favourite day of the week. Friday. When I am able to walk my gorgeous boy to Kindergarten. Friday was particularly beautiful as we were able to run across the marsh as it was frozen. Our doggy also came with us which led to a lot of stick throwing and general loveliness.Happy days indeed.

Photo 7: SMASH … My name is Hulk. I will not answer to George or George Archie or George Archie Hargreaves. I am HULK.

And there you have it our week in pictures. Capturing childhood and making memories with this lovely Photo A Day, Everyday, For A Year project.

Do pop over to the lovely The Boy and Me where you will find so many others sharing their week in pictures…


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10 thoughts on “Project 365, Week 6, A Photo A Day, Everyday, For A Year

  1. It’s lovely that he’s liked Toy Story for so long 🙂 My daughter has a giant Minnie Mouse like that we got when went to Disneyland Paris when she was 5! I’m quite jealous of you going – no wonder you’re counting down!

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