I Love Being A Mummy Because…

Of the little things he says. The things he does. The things I don’t want him to do and of course the things he won’t do.

Having a toddler, a 3.5 year old to be exact is a rather wonderful thing. This has to be my favourite age. His language, developmentally, his understanding, his sheer determination and of course his stubbornness. It all comes together to make for interesting times. Fun times. Amazing times.

Don’t get me wrong there are tough times too. Quite a few lately actually as he is becoming so strong-willed. He really is growing up and I am still in complete denial that he will be going to big boy school in September. On the whole our gorgeous boy is exactly that. Extremely accommodating, very well-behaved and an absolutely beautiful little man to be around. Words simply cannot describe how much I love him. How much we love him. We are a team. Our Little Family is the most important thing in the world.

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Here are just a few of the little things which make me chuckle and at the same time reach for that comforting glass of fizz…

  1. Holding my hand, is there anything more precious than looking down and seeing your hands entwined?
  2. The fact that he has to dress up as a different superhero at every opportunity, currently it is the Hulk *smash*
  3. Taking my last Pink lady from the fruit basket. He will have two bites and say ‘finished’
  4. Needing a poo in the most inappropriate of places and then saying the most inappropriate things including … ‘poo poo get out of my bum’ or ‘its coming mummy I can feel it’
  5. His morning routine of running to the end of the street on our walk to Kindergarten, excited to shout (and I mean shout) ‘lollipop man’ … The delight on his face when he waves back and says ‘good morning George’
  6. The morning drive to the train station generally involves a sing-song, at the minute that is ‘how do you like your eggs in a morning’ thank you radio 2! It’s so cute and the best start to my day
  7. His love for music and dancing. Mummy can we dance? And of course his love for 1D! Steal my girl is his favourite
  8. Snails pace. Why is it when you need to move that little bit quicker, your toddler then decides to go on a go slow, and begin growling at the mere sign of you asking them to move a little quicker
  9. The delight when he asks for a plate of food and then the disappointment when you hand it to him and you get this… Yukky
  10. The silly tantrum for no apparent reason, the inconsolable cry, completely unexpected, you cannot reason, and so draining for all involved
  11. The shyness, despite him being a very confident little man he has those moments where he hides away and reminds me of the baby he once was. You can’t help but see their innocence on these occasions
  12. The fact that at 3.5 years he now has the strength to swim 5-metres, all by himself. Very proud and so is he!
  13. Despite all his independence there are still moments when he needs me, although when Mr H is around he is a daddy’s boy and needs me less! Dam you Mr H
  14. His voice on the telephone, the tales he tells me when I ring to speak to him on his days with Nanny. It’s sounds so different. Have you ever noticed how different their voices sound?
  15. The snuggles, the kiss and cuddle which leaves me floating on cloud 9
  16. His love for our doggy, I’ll miss you bud he says each time we leave the house
  17. His manners, he has the best manners ‘may I leave the table now mummy?’
  18. How at the minute everything is a secret. What did you do at Kindergarten today? Mmmm it’s a secret. I cannot tell you. Maybe later
  19. His ability to remember everything which you I don’t want him to and nothing that I do. Like, where are my car keys? We hunted for an hour. He had hidden them under the pillows in his den
  20. The endless questions. Although some are really cute and I hope he asks me this one each morning… mummy, did you have a nice sleep? Oh how my heart melts

Honestly this list could go on but I worry that you may have already switched off in fear of vomiting or boredom!

Well, motherhood to me feels rather special. It’s magical and such a precious gift. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. My mother threw that gift away a long time ago. I will not do the same. It is something I will cherish and never, ever take for granted. Motherhood is something which can never be replaced. Our boy will always come first. Sadly my obsession with shoes and all things nice has fallen down on the priority list somewhat.

With power comes great responsibility. That for me is parenting. To be the best mummy I possibly can be.

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KA x



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19 thoughts on “I Love Being A Mummy Because…

  1. Awww, such a lovely post. O is 3 and 3 months and I am loving him at this age, I want to bottle him up and keep him just as he is (I know that’s impossible).
    Holding hands with your little one is one of the best things in the world ever! xx

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  2. Totally love this, how truly lucky we are to know our little people the most, to be there for all those heart melting moments and there for the tough ones too. I love how you talk about him and motherhood should be cherished, parenthood for that fact! I have a parent I don’t see and the older my boys get the more I think, how can they do it? I could never give them up. Such a lovely post sweet xx

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  3. Lovely post, they are so funny aren’t they, I have a 5yr old and it seems like only yesterday he was at this stage, I also have a 2.5yr old and you can really see his personality coming though lately, he also loves Hulk – or Hulk MASH as he says it!

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  4. Lovely post, my son is the same age and I agree that is is such a wonderful stage even if it can be frustrating sometimes. We are fully into the random tantrum thing: one day brushing teeth is fine, the next it’s like I’ve asked him to do the worst thing in the world! Enjoy this precious time before September 🙂 #sharewithme

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