My Dream Bedroom…

7 years ago we moved into our home, better known as Sydney. It was most definitely going to be a labour of love. A work in progress as we began stripping it back to its bare bones and bringing it back to life.

Renovation : the action of renovating a building. Modernisation, restoration, redecoration, refurbishment, revamping, makeover, overhauling, repair, updating

All of the above is what we took on when we exchanged contracts. All very exciting. We have a gorgeous property but one which requires some love and attention. A certain type of look and finish due to its age and our love for all things shabby chic. Victorian. Vintage. Or in other terms, expensive! We have ourselves an old property with high ceilings, big rooms, original wooden flooring, a winding staircase and a gorgeous Minton tile floor which lines the long hallway.

We quickly discovered that the majority of the original features were removed by the previous tenants which we set about correcting. Thankfully we found some of the fireplaces hiding under a blanket in a shed! Phew. The first few weeks were spent without heating and a kitchen. Wow that was tough. We lived on takeaways and food from friends for no less than 8 weeks!

For the first two years we completely renovated the ground floor.We spent thousands and thousands and thousands. Going from one room to the next. To give you more of an idea, there are four rooms on the ground floor. A reception room, a living space, a morning room and of course the kitchen. All had to be stripped and brought back to life. And then there was the VERY long and very beautiful hallway and large open plan stairs and landing which had to be re plastered and then decorated.

We had ourselves a money guzzler. We were happy with that though as it was something we accepted when we bought it. It was a project. Something we could do together. Our thing. When Lil G surprised us with his entrance in 2011 the remaining renovations were popped on hold. It really is amazing how one small person can change your focus. Drain you of renovation pennies and of course the time. That is until now.

Let operation decorate the bedroom begin. My bedroom. The master bedroom. Eek. I am so excited. Finally I get the girly, adult bedroom I have been dreaming of. For 7 years we have pretty much disliked everything about our bedroom. It hasn’t been that lovely, beautiful calm and happy place to be. But, it will be. The work begins today. The plasterers are in.

What comes next?

The paint. We have chosen a pinky / grey colour from the Dulux Heritage Paint collection. We are in the process of choosing wallpaper from Laura Ashley to create a feature wall which our bed will rest against. Currently Mr H and I disagree. Surely he realises that he should just give in however as he is also a fan of style, home decor and all things nice we are currently having a bit of a stand off. But who will win?

Something we agreed on was the bed. A gorgeous wrought iron frame from Laura Ashley, Somerset in ivory…

laura ashley bed


Here is a sneaky peek at some of the Victorian wardrobes we have hunted down on trusty old eBay. On Saturday they will be collected by a gorgeous little shop which is local to us. Milly and Roses. Which specialises in shabby chic furniture and the magic that is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. They will be restoring the wardrobe and the dressing table for us. Making them all shabby chic. My first dressing table.

FullSizeRender (93)


FullSizeRender (90)


FullSizeRender (91)


For now I am busy pinning on Pinterest and have set up a little mood board to collate all my decorative ideas. You can find it here if you fancy a little nosey.

Keep checking back for an update on how our bedroom renovation is coming along. And fingers crossed I win the battle over the wallpaper!

KA x


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