50 Shades Of Grumpy

Who else is in the middle of this stage with their child? It seems to have hit us all of a sudden. Again. Boundaries being pushed. A tantrum for this, a tantrum for that. Unnecessary anger. Is it because he’s tired? Does he need a little break from all the learning? Is it all just too much for him. Is he aware that Big Boy School is fast approaching? Am I being over sensitive?

It’s rather tiring for all of us. Even ignoring these silly little moments is tiring. The issue is that Lil G and I are very alike. He has my personality that’s for sure. Just last week Mr H found himself mediating over a simple arts & crafts session. He’s a toddler! Eek.




50 shades of grumpy is THE perfect description for my 3.5 year old who currently has the mood swings of a teenager. What mood will he wake up in today? What little thing will tip him over the edge? Yesterday it was his sword. Oh yes. A sword. I refused to let him take his wooden shield and sword to Kindergarten. He went on to walk down the street stomping, growling, shouting. Oh the joys. Thankfully there are far more good days than Grumpy days.

I once referred to our little monkey as a Threenager and I was right to do so. Forget the terrible twos it is the Threenager in your child which you should worry about. And to think that the Teenage years are still to come! Eek.

Grumpy grey, Grizzly grey, Growling grey. So many grumps.

Dear Mr Grumpy Pants … snap out of this phase. Bring back our gorgeous boy. Our easy going child. The one who makes me laugh for the right reasons. We have so many exciting things planned for you this year kid. It really is going to be EPIC. But first STOP with the Mr Grumpy Pants.

Love from Mummy x


And then the fun began...


The Reading Residence

16 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Grumpy

  1. Yep. I totally relate to this… my two are like chalk and cheese. One twin is laid back and easy going to other is on the tipping point of a tantrum ALL the time!! I’m getting to the stage that I can laugh about it now — when it began, I absolutely despaired as it didn’t take very much at all to set him off — but I know that it’s a phase and it won’t last forever. Fingers crossed!! 😉 #TheTruthAbout

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

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  2. Ekkk! I remember those threenager days with my son. Painful! Way worse than the terrible twos. Hang in there, four is a big turning point and they suddenly become almost reasonable! You’ll have to remind me of this when my daughter turns three in December mind… Great post. #thetruthabout

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  3. Oh blimey this is rapidly approaching us again – EJ turns three in July – can’t wait 😉 Thanks for linking up to this week’s #thetruthabout hon and good luck with less grumpiness and more cute good-naturedness (if that’s a word!) X

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  4. My ten year old thinks he’s a teenager already and I ended up embarrassing him in Tesco s today by announcing really loudly how disgraceful his attitude was as I walked around the store so as many people as possible could hear….funnily enough he decided to play nice afterwards lol! He was awful at age 3 then was much easier aged 4! His brothers almost 9 and completely different, so chilled out!
    Stevie x

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  5. Oh dear! We have a gumpy one here too, Boo had just started to have mini tantrums, where she will walk away from us, screaming and clasp her hands to each side of her head as if she is about to tear her hair out! I hope it stops soon (I really know it wont) but it was kind of cute/funny/not really to begin with but now it’s making me grunpy!!

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  6. We have this with both of mine who are obviously at different ages. I find we can have amazing stages for a few weeks and then we can have a few bad days- it completely depends and I never know how it is going to go! xx

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