Week 7: Project 365: A Photo, Everyday, For A Year

Wow. 7 weeks. I am a tad scared that these weekly round ups will only reinforce just how quickly the year is passing us by. On the other hand I am really enjoying pushing myself to capture a picture each day. It will certainly make a great little memory book for Nanny!

Here is our week in pictures…


Red coat

FullSizeRender (86)


IMG_3703 (1)




FullSizeRender (85)


FullSizeRender (73)


FullSizeRender (90)


Day 39 – Modelling his new hat from Next and rain coat from M&S … Take a picture of me mummy … Pose!

Day 40 – Introducing Lil G to a bit of Street Art on a walk out to pick out wallpaper ‘Roll up’

Day 41 – Deep in concentrating marking out a little arts and crafts project from The Weekend Box Club. Great little boxes. If you fancy getting one for free then enter this code KERRIANN237 here.

Day 42 – Making a little music. It was the perfect Xylophone for Lil G as he LOVES owls.

Day 43 – Out of the blue he has started to twirl his hair. Only when in deep concentration. At this point he was practising his phonics.

Day 44 – He’s such a poser. Take a picture of my new pumps mummy! Why of course.

Day 45 – Hard at work making shapes out of his Moon Dough.


If this is your first time looking over my week captured in photographs, and you have liked what you have seen then do pop over to The Boy And Me for all the others who join in each week…
TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


12 thoughts on “Week 7: Project 365: A Photo, Everyday, For A Year

  1. Such a beautiful boy! Make the most of him being a poser and wanting his photo take! My kids all moan now and when I do take pics, they pull awkward faces 😦 Love that street art – a very striking photo.

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