Dragonfly Tea For Breakfast, Dinner & Tea

If you have read my blog before or seen my pictures on Instagram you will have noticed that I really love to drink a cup of tea. Who doesn’t love a warm hug? Preferably hot and most certainly to start the day. A day that doesn’t start with tea never goes well! I treasure my morning cup of tea.

So when Dragonfly Tea sent me a selection of their organic tea bags to review I was rather excited. And what a gorgeous little site. A family owned, British tea company with a hundred year heritage of making delicious, artisanal teas. Here are the four teas I was to sample…




I absolutely loved that each teabag was individually wrapped. I love to take my own tea to the office or even on short breaks. I am a bit of a tea snob you see. There is nothing worse than a disappointing cuppa. Another little touch was the description that came with each box, how long to infuse and the best way to drink it. And then, as you open each sachet you are welcomed by a gorgeous little message on each of the tags. Mr favourites were…

teabag quote




I had four teas to choose from. Huge decisions. Which one to try first? It had to be the Traditional English Breakfast Tea. It started and ended as my favourite. Some would say I am boring, I just love the taste of a traditional cup of tea. Especially in the morning. I am partial to a strong brew, one with a punch. This one is most definitely my kind of tea. Full bodied and smooth to taste. A tea that is sure to kick-start your day!

A white tea was next. The Swirling Mist Organic White Tea. As soon as I read that it went well with a) biscuits and b) chocolate it was sure to be a hit. It was indeed. Surprisingly, a lighter cup of tea which I enjoyed. I usually go for a strong tea but actually it was perfect for my final hit of caffeine in an afternoon and of course with a sneaky bit of chocolate.



The final two blends were not my cup of tea. See what I did there! I couldn’t quite get used to the spices however my hubby (Mr H) was tempted by them as he loves cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. He absolutely loved them. He enjoyed the flavour of the Indian Spiced Chai more so than the Cape Malay Chai. I believe it wasn’t as strong, more subtle in flavour. Mr H is all about the flavour. He went on to tell me that they are a tea to drink in the evening apparently. And that is his contribution to my review! Thank you Mr H. As ever a man of many words.

I never did get round to baking with the Cape Malay Chai teabags however I must put it on the list. You can find a selection of recipes here. Who’d have thought baking with teabags.


*Disclaimer: I was gifted these teas in exchange for an honest review. All words are my own.


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