What’s Your Name Game : Boost Juice

Have you heard the exciting news?

2 - 600px-BoostWYNG-announcement

If you haven’t visited a Boost Juice bar then I would definitely watch out for your name. Since changing my diet before Christmas I am a huge fan of the lean and Green products. They really are delicious!

Here is what is on offer…

Boost Juice bars all over the country are playing their legendary ‘Whats Your Name Game’  – it will run for 28 days over which period they will be giving away FREE Boost to thousands of lucky drinkers!

In a nut shell 2 names will be published on their social links and in stores each day and anyone with the chosen names can pick up a FREE Boost that day (simply by flashing proof of ID). That’s right, you can collect your favourite Boost –any size, any drink, just for being you!

A third name will be chosen daily by the fine British Public – you can simply register your name on the following link for a chance to score a FREE BOOST!  So no matter how popular, or unusual your name, EVERYONE has the same chance of getting chosen. When you have an unusually spelt name like mine that’s a RESULT! http://bit.ly/boostWYNG 

And for those who want to stay healthy they are also offering the lean & Green products and their 5 a day juice! Perfect for those on the go. These are my favourite.

So, what do you need to do? Look out for…

  • Store POS – the boy and girl names will be displayed daily in store via the till screens.
  • On the Boost Juice Facebook Page and Twitter What’s Your Name Game pages (the 3 names will be announced the night before)
  • An email will be sent to VIBE/VIB members with the winning name each day

You can also watch this really fun You Tube video … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWfxsV5qBx0

3 - 550px-BoostWYNG-score-a-free-boost

*Disclosure :  I have received free drinks vouchers as payment for sharing this information


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