It’s a boy song

How did this happen? Have I, have we done the right thing by our little boy? Are these our attitudes which have rubbed off on him, pointed him in this direction? Is it Kindergarten? Or is it just his own thoughts and understanding of the world around him?

I am confused.

Over the last few days and weeks I have noticed that our gorgeous boy has become more and more aware of the differences between boys and girls. That much is OK. On the one hand I am more than happy to help him understand. On the other it is just another reminder that our gorgeous boy is growing up. Can he just stop?!

Anyway, I digress. So, not only has he begun noticing the differences in our bodies and asking why? He has also started to comment on what girls and boys like.

Gender-neutral : suitable for, applicable to, or common to both male and female genders

It first hit me when One Direction, my guilty pleasure came on the radio. I started to sing along and was instantly shot down by my 3.5 year old. According to Lil G only boys can sing along to a song sung by boys. What? So like any normal and totally sane insane mummy would do, I thought I would test him. An old favourite of Lil G’s is the famous Let It Go, which is of course is sung by a girl. Yes, you guessed it. Only I could sing along to it because I am a girl. Lil G only joined in when Kristoff or Hans sang. Oh my goodness is this really happening?

From the very beginning I have been very aware of introducing a range of toys to Lil G. A wide variety of books. Various movies, whether it be Tinkerbell, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Frozen. There has always been a really good blend of those which appeal to both boys and girls. Does it really matter if it is pirates or fairies?

Allowing him to choose his toys and playing with what makes him happy in turn makes me happy. Some of his most favourite toys are those which some might see them as being gender bias. Towards a girl rather than a boy. A kitchen, a hoover, a baking set, dolls and a pram.

He does like these toys but actually Lil G naturally gravitates towards a train set, to his superheros, to football, playing pirates and cowboys, transformers, dressing up and George from Peppa Pig. Not Peppa, George. Because girls like Peppa.



When I think back to the gifts we Santa chose at Christmas, I was a little surprised. Lil G loves Frozen and as part of his Christmas Wish List he had asked for Sven, Kristoff and Olaf. He hadn’t asked for Ana or Elsa! Worse still, we also didn’t pick out Ana or Elsa. Why? Why is this? What have we done.

He knows and not from anything I have said that girls like pink. That blue is a boy colour. That boys are in a team, girls are in their own team. At home now, the boys are team mates, I am all alone. I can honestly say that this has not come from me. I am confused.

Is this something I need to address, bring back the balance? Lil G is a sensitive soul. A very happy boy. Whether playing with a doll or a dinosaur. Yes, he does naturally gravitate to certain types of toys which you would tag as being ‘boy’ toys however is this really such a big deal?

Do let me know what you think.

KA x




4 thoughts on “It’s a boy song

  1. Some people are really strict and intense about this boy and girl thing. I have played with barbies and was a tomboy and then a really prissy girl. We all have phases I would just explain that things can be for boys and girls. We are different yes but that doesn’t mean we can’t like similar or same things. It’s a toughy. Buba has started to notice sissy and mommy’s bodies are different then his and daddys. It’s a topic here now too. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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  2. This is a really interesting one, and something that I didn’t notice too much when I just had the boys; they played with all sorts of things when they were tiny, but once nursery had an effect they did start to gravitate towards ‘boy’ things. Once the wee girl arrived I noticed that she played very differently to the boys and naturally (with no prompting/guidance) chose and interacted with toys in a very different way to the boys. Having said that she’s as happy with a doll as with Lego, but she is more likely to role play than the boys were. I do think that there is a huge ‘nature’ influence and as long as we ensure that they understand that nothing is solely a boy or girl thing (I’m a qualified engineer!), then that’s okay, it’s hard to fight against! We all have things we like and don’t like… the important thing for me is to stop them saying, that’s girly or that’s only for boys (which I hear more and more from my 8yo at the moment!). Anyway, this comment is turning into a post, so I’ll stop! #sharewithme

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