A change for the better

Each day that goes by it gets harder to ignore the fact that our gorgeous boy is growing up. This year seems to be the year. I won’t lie it seems to have crept up on me. It has literally hit me quite hard over the last few weeks. Time really is flying by. Whether it is because when you have a child you count the days, weeks and months. You mark each milestone down on the calendar or save those special little trinkets in a keepsake box. Well, it goes without saying that our baby boy is no more. He is fast approaching the grand old age of 4 years old. Wow.

Red coat


One of the many things I have noticed of late is the car journeys we share together. They have evolved. There was a time when we would get in to the car and within moments he would be fast asleep. Gone are these days. For sometime now we have experienced a very different car journey. We noticed a change last year. In September we made the four-hour journey to Hayling Island for our little family holiday. Lil G didn’t sleep a wink of the journey which shocked us. There was me with my magazine and kindle ready to enjoy a spot of reading. Lil G had very different ideas. Thankfully I had packed everything but the kitchen sink to entertain him with. Books, crafts, TV shows uploaded and ready to go. Sticker books, colouring books. Teddy’s, Toys, Balloons, Binoculars to play I spy. The list was endless.

And then one day as we were travelling a distance alone with Lil G we thought it would be best to pop his car seat in the front. He absolutely loved being up front and what an awesome journey it was. We chatted, we laughed, Lil G played without interruption, all because I was sitting next to him. He even held my hand *heart melts*. The drinks holder was in easy reach and the holder for his snack box too. Perfect.

The downside. He wouldn’t go back. Ooh the little monkey. So since then, one of us has to sit in the back. Alone, no child to talk to. No adult conversation as you can hardly hear for what is going on up front. I guess it does mean a peaceful journey. Never. Because what came next has now become one of our Ordinary Moments when going on a little journey.

Lil G discovered that he could reach and change the music channel. Oh dear god. For a period he wouldn’t listen to anything but his Disney CD. As much as I love my little man core blimey those songs were annoying. I may have accidentally lost the CD and denied all knowledge of its disappearance. Oh yes I am that mum. A bad mum. Surely I’m not the only one?

And then there is Frozen. Let’s not forget Frozen which if truth be told is still sung along to on most car journeys. Who doesn’t love a little rendition of ‘let it go’?!

For some time now Lil G has developed a love for One Direction. His favourite being Steal My Girl. Oh yes, he knows the words. Sings along beautifully and a few days ago I managed to capture it on a little video. Yay. I may have lost a little tear when filming it as it was just the cutest thing EVER.

Take a look…


KA x


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11 thoughts on “A change for the better

  1. My kids are now 11, 9 and 7. I’m finding our journeys have cranked up to a new level. They now want maths sums and ask me profound questions. For example “If everyone in America stood on the west edge would it tip up ?” Or how about “What exact temperature is it in the middle of the earth?” I can’t Google when I’m driving!! Bring back the Wiggles CDs!

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  2. Such a cute video 🙂 I can empathise with you here- Freddie has just turned 4 and is definitely no longer a toddler, and he certainly rarely falls asleep now in the car either! His sister is nearly 3 and zonks straight away if tired- it’s amazing the difference a year between them makes! x

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  3. Aww bless! Kitty sits up front in one of our cars because it can’t take three seats across the back and she absolutely loves it – although she does keep turning the vanity light on and we have to make sure it’s off or it runs the battery flat!! I’ll admit it’s nice having her up front for a chat!

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