Decorating, Snuggles and Chinese New Year… #LittleLoves

Hola #LittleLoves crew. Well that is a week I am happy to say goodbye too. Now bring on 4pm when my weekend begins with my gorgeous boys and furry baby.

Is anyone else sick of hearing about ’50 Shades of Grey’ – oh my goodness I am. I have to admit to never reading the books or knowing much at all about the story but honestly it seems to be everywhere. The only 50 shades of anything I am seeing at the minute is at some point of every day a grumpy toddler. I wrote about it here. 50 Shades of Grumpy! Today he was grumpy at 6am. Thankfully for Daddy (it is usually me), so I jumped to attention and saved the day and enjoyed the best snuggles. Yay.



And on that note let’s stay with the happy thoughts and look at what Our Little Family has loved this week…


A gorgeous post from Potty Mouthed Mummy. She wrote about getting Back To Me – about writing for herself and not the stats or opportunities.

Let’s not forget Emma’s #myhomestyle tag on IG. If you haven’t seen this yet then do pop over and take a look. I love to have a little nosey into people’s homes. It is a great way of finding inspiration. This and Pinterest are my home inspiration must visit places. Take a look at Emma’s explanation of the hash tag here.


Broadchurch of course. Eek last week was a nail biter. And GBBO of course. I love the original series but actually I have needed something to watch this week which didn’t require that much effort. So what better TV program than the Comic Relief version of GBBO. Oh yes. It is so lighthearted and so much fun.

It was Chinese New Year in Manchester on Thursday. I have really enjoyed watching the celebrations. The decorations have made the streets all pretty.

chinese new year



It has to be my gorgeous boy singing One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’. I think I may have mentioned this already but as I have now managed to upload it to You Tube I thought I would share it with you again. Honestly it makes me smile so much. Oh and I was in the back filming whilst Mr H drove the car! So, if you have a spare 2-mins then here is.



A new board on Pinterest. Bedroom Inspiration. I know, I know, it is a rather shaky connection but please just run with it. He he.



It’s all about the pink and leopard print this week. It feels great not to be wrapped up in my winter coat. And of course new trainers. I found these little beauties from Matalan via the gorgeous The Frugality. They were a bargain at £15 and feel great on. Perfect for my training. I have also been wearing a Tinted Moisturiser from The Green People, you can read about it here if you need one. It really is lovely.



FullSizeRender GP2


And lastly…

We are full steam ahead on the decorating front. We have lived in our house for 7-years and this is the first time we have decorated our bedroom. I am so excited by how fresh and beautiful it is going to be. I can see me not wanting to leave the room when it is finished! For now we are struggling to decide on which paper. It will go on one wall which the bed will sit against. The other walls will be painted Blossom Pink which is the top pot of paint. Which one would you go for?…



Have a lovely weekend folks. KA x




17 thoughts on “Decorating, Snuggles and Chinese New Year… #LittleLoves

  1. Decorating is so much fun and I can’t wait to see what your room looks like. Loving your papers! I like the light background with the small flowers the best and that pink paint is divine. We definitely have weeks where 50 Shades of Grumpy is on, most days. I hope the phase is over soon! Eeeeek. xx
    p.s. LOVING the trainers too! x

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  2. I’m sick of 50 shades too, never read the book and don’t want to see the film!
    I love all those papers and so excited to see your new bedroom. We’re hoping to decorate ours next year, I can’t wait to lighten it up and get rid of the crappy old furniture my husband built (badly) about 8 years ago.
    Have a fabulous week lovely xx

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  3. I am SO excited to see your bedroom KA! You know me and a bit of home decor! 😉 Thankyou so much for the little #myhomestyle plug too. Really hope you’ll join in with the renovations! Bless Lil G, how sweet is he??! Have a lovely weekend my sweet xx

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  4. I love all the paper! Gorgeous!! Lovely and fresh! Ive had a few grumpy moments this week with my two! I blame it on half term boredom! I cannot wait for this weeks Broadchurch!! Was so tense last week!

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  5. I’m following your pinterest board now, we will soon be moving to our own Victorian house and have to redecorate too. I would use the blue wallpaper on the main wall if the room is large and bright or the lighter paper if not (not that I know a jot about interior design yet). I’m with you on 50 shades. I am tired of hearing about it and my fb being full of people watching it or arguing about it. Gah!!
    Have a lovely weekend x

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