Looking at Paint & Wallpapers today

Phase One of our bedroom renovation is complete. The plasterers have worked their magic. The walls are now primed and ready to transform. The walls were shocking actually so it turned out to be quite a big job for the plasterers. I guess that is the downside to old houses. The fresh plaster has dried nicely, I can see smooth lines, straight edges and clean walls. As I write this post I still can’t quite believe it has taken us so long to get round to making our bedroom pretty. 7-years.
And with the help of a certain little someone we are now ready to move on to Phase Two

Although it is taking longer than I first thought. I try to tell myself that all will be OK. That we will choose the right colour paint, that Mr H will give in and allow me the wallpaper I want so badly! But really inside all that I can think about is the mess, the lack of structure and the general disruption to my routine. Everything just feels so disorganised. So messy. Furniture in every room. Bits and Bobs everywhere. The smell of paint. As much as I have loved renovating, and with the best part fast approaching, that was before adding a child into the mix, working full-time & blogging! Eek.
Mr H has the job of painting. And that brings me on to Phase Two. Our room isn’t particularly bright, so in an attempt to brighten our boudoir we have been looking a long the lines of a very pale pink, quite subtle, bright, but not white. Here are the three colours we had to choose from…
paint samples
Blossom White Paint
We opted for the pot on the left. It is called Blossom White. A hint of pink. It is a Dulux Paint. The colour is now on the three walls and it looks perfect. We chose right. Phew *wipes brow*. That was close. It really has brightened up the room. It just looks so pretty. So elegant. So fresh.
And now for the fun part. The wallpaper. Huge decisions. Mr H and I cannot seem to decide on a wallpaper. Although we both want shabby chic, it would appear we like different things. I won’t go as far as to say that our marriage is in jeopardy but there may be strong words exchanged over the next few days. Surely he knows just to give in. And here are our choices…
So, I am asking for your help! We must choose the wallpaper over the next few days. It will be on just one wall. A feature wall with the bed resting against it. The light coming into the room will shine upon this wall. In terms of styling, think shabby chic furniture, distressed, a light coloured carpet, soft and fluffy. An ivory cast iron bed. Think grown up girly. Not OTT. Tasteful. Feminine. Beautiful.
Here are my wallpaper choices. I have chosen three from Laura Ashley … Summer Palace Linen Floral, Summer Palace Cerise Floral and my favourite Abbeville Floral…
laura ashley wallpaper - summer palace linen floral wallpaper
laura ashley wallpaper - summer palace cerise floral
laura ashley abbeville floral wallpaper
And this is the one Mr H prefers. It is the Clarisse Duck Egg from Clarke & Clarke
clarke and clarke wallpaper
So which one?
I have been pinning some ideas to a new board on Pinterest. I love how inspiring Pinterest can be. We need fresh ideas for a curtain, decor, finishes, colours. Do pop over and follow if Pinterest gets you as much as it does me. Be warned, you may hop on for a few mins and before you know it, its been 30 minutes!
Keep an eye out for the next installment of My Dream Bedroom. You can read the first post here.
KA x
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