A Quirky Little Cheshire Country Pub – A Birthday Meal

At the beginning of the year I woke up another year older. Yes that would be my birthday. On the 4th January I was treated to an unexpected homemade cake by Mr H and Lil G, a shopping spree (of course) and a gorgeous birthday meal. A last-minute booking. That turned out to be one of those unplanned events which are the most memorable.

Mr H had mentioned The Black Swan to me last summer. For some reason we hadn’t quite managed to pay the quirky little Cheshire Country Pub a visit but oh my, are we glad that we did. We absolutely loved our little visit and cannot wait to return, so as any blogger would I thought I would share it with you.

Before I flood your screen with beautiful photo’s of this gorgeous setting, let me set the scene. 4th January. A beautiful day (it was my birthday after all). Blue skies. Chilly willy out so when we arrived and were welcomed with this it couldn’t have been more perfect…












I think you’ll agree that the setting is simply stunning. The styling, perfectly shabby and chic. Just my style. The service, fantastic. Mr H chose well. I do love Mr H. It’s a good job really! The food was delicious. Great menu. The desserts looked so good but I had my birthday cake to eat! They catered for children in every sense of the word and at reasonable prices too. Lil G was most impressed with the Swanduper Goody Bag he was presented with soon after arriving (see picture above). And then, after visiting I stumbled across the Halo Menu on their website. I am really trying hard not to break my new eating regime when eating out, so this is perfect, it has to be the only pub to offer such a thing. I cannot wait to go back and try it. And to sit outside in the sunshine!

It’s relaxed. It’s homely. It’s a hidden gem. And if you are wondering where this gorgeous Country Pub is then take a look here.

And you’re welcome!

KA x


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