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Last year around September time, I realised I needed to make a change. As the year had gone by, I couldn’t help but notice the weight slowly creeping on. I was struggling with how I was feeling. Bloated. Tired. I was noticeably unfit and as this had not been the case prior to Lil G arriving I felt somehow that I had let myself down. After all it is me who controls what I eat. What I put into my mouth and when.

So in an attempt to lose a bit of weight, I gave myself a target of my Christmas party which was within 8 weeks. I decided to change my diet in the first instance, it was late October. I’m not one for making radical changes as New Years resolutions so I set about making a change prior to the New Year so that it became a way of life.

How did I change my diet?

I adopted something known as The Paleo Diet. Not completely but for the most part I stuck to it. I cut out carbs including bread, pasta, rice and cereals. No processed foods. I cut out crisps, chocolate, cake, sweets, biscuits and treats in general. No more coke, cordial and most definitely less tea. Huge changes were made.

I introduced more veg, fruit, protein and meat. I increased my intake of water and drank a protein shake as one meal replacement. I won’t lie in the first couple of weeks it was a struggle but looking back I am so proud of the changes I made. My nemesis has always been chocolate, cake and sweets. I fear it will always be that way, but actually a few treats will be OK. I need this change to be sustainable. It’s not always easy however the results are visible and so is how I feel. I do allow myself a treat on say a Friday or a Saturday. My body no longer appreciates the foods I’ve cut out which is ok by me. They’re bad for you. It’s certainly a deterrent.

I lost nearly a stone in 10 weeks. I no longer felt bloated. I had more energy. I felt good. And most of all I felt much better in my clothes. I was on my way to being a healthier & fitter person.



As the new year arrived I knew that I needed to add some exercise to my routine. I decided to join two friends at their Caveman Training classes. The difference in the shape, size and tone of their bodies was phenomenal. I’d like to say at the end of this year that I’ve done the same. It won’t be easy as I need to remain committed to 3/4 classes a week. However as classes run 7 days a week it is manageable. Initially I struggled with having to sacrifice an hour of precious time with my little boy but he seems to understand and I always ensure I’m home for bedtime. Snuggles at bedtime cannot be missed. Surprising how I have found the time!

After 8 weeks I am noticing a difference in my core strength and my tone. Mr H is too. I’m hitting personal bests each week. I’m moving forward each week in my fitness levels. I’m really happy. I have even started to attend 6.30am classes. Eek.

I have set myself a few little goals. Currently all is going well.







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15 thoughts on “Time for a change – Health and Fitness

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  2. Absolutely incredible success story KA, well done you!! As you know I’m a huge fan of the Paleo way. I’ve never met a person who hasn’t seen drastic improvements to their health and fitness adopting this lifestyle 🙂

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