Decorating, Good Food and Shoes #LittleLoves

Welcome to this week’s little loves post. Jumping straight in this week and sharing with little things we have loved…



I have been watching a few vlogs (is that even how you write it?) this week rather than reading as much. We are off to DisneyLand Paris in June for Lil G’s birthday so when I saw Brummy Mummy of 2‘s DisneyLand round-up pop up on twitter I couldn’t help but take a little look. I particularly loved Day 1 and you can watch it here.

I also stumbled across Kate’s 5 Top Tips on Improving Your Writing from Pouting In Heels. If you haven’t come across Kate before she is a freelance journalist and copywriter so her tips come from a history or being in the creative industry.



As I am sure most of you did, we watched the end of Broadchurch. The final episode was one of my favourites and I am so pleased that the original case was closed. All the way through I actually thought it was the little boy, the son who had murdered his friend out of jealousy. I am so glad he didn’t as that would have been terrifying.

Did any of you see DIY SOS last night? I was in tears from the first few minutes. It always hits home when another family have suffered from premature birth. Makes me realise how lucky we were really, Lil G came out of it unscathed in comparison to this family. The changes to that house will have made so much difference to the quality of their lives. I found myself nodding a long. Amazing show. Amazing support from the local community too.



Waistcoats, hair up, red lips (I’m still not sure), leopard print and my favourite Vivienne Westwood shoes…







red lips



Stevie Wonder, Sir Duke on the way to work this week. Such a feel good song.



Mr H has been in the kitchen cooking up a storm. He made the most amazing lamb burgers and dip on Sunday and then one of my favorites Jerk Pulled Pork. It really is delicious and so easy. More than one meal too and has a bit of a punch so tantalised the taste buds. You can read the recipe here.

jerk pork




And lastly…

We are still very much in operation decoration mode however we are getting to the most exciting part where it is all coming together. I am so excited for today. Mr H is putting his hand to wallpapering, although I am just a little bit scared as the paper is so expensive and it is his first time! Eek. He has faith so I should too! The latest update on our bedroom decorating is here and this is the wallpaper we decided on…


clarke and clarke paper


Have a lovely weekend folks.

KA x




15 thoughts on “Decorating, Good Food and Shoes #LittleLoves

  1. I have been loving your outfits on Instagram this week, you are one super stylish mama! I watched and bawled like a baby at DIY SOS too. Riley was born at 30 weeks and i thank my lucky stars every single day that he has no health or life complications from it. Things could have been so different. xxx #LittleLoves

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  2. Loving all your outfits this week, especially the leopard print skirt. Oh, and those shoes, I’m a bit in love with them.
    Love your new bedroom wallpaper, can’t wait to see it all finished! xx

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