A Winters Walk, Hot Chocolate and Snuggles {The Ordinary Moments}

Yesterday we waved goodbye to Mr H who was off to Manchester to celebrate his birthday with the boys. Which meant that Lil G and I had a day and a night of adventure ahead of us. Just the two of us. Mummy daycare. I absolutely love my mummy days with my gorgeous boy and what better way to spend my precious weekend than making memories with him.

On giving Lil G a choice of what to do, it came as no surprise when he suggested that we headed to Trentham Gardens. And on the promise of hot chocolate and marshmallows from the fab Totally Delicious Cafe we were off. It is most definitely our happy place. For more than a year now we have held annual passes to Trentham Gardens and we wouldn’t be without them. Whether you are enjoying a long summers day, or just a couple of hours to walk around the lake, or admiring the stunning gardens there really is no better place to be in Stoke on Trent than at Trentham Gardens. There is so much to do and see, or quite simply it is perfect for a lazy Sunday walk.

Is there anything more refreshing than being in the great outdoors? Exploring nature. Running about. Finding the fairies. Climbing in the adventure park. Finding secret doors. Looking out across the lake and drinking hot chocolate of course! And best of all, switching off, just Lil G and I talking about well not a lot. Enjoying time together. Only picking up my phone to take a picture.

Here are a few a lot of pictures from our adventure yesterday…

Trentham 28 Feb

FullSizeRender sun 2

FullSizeRender Sun1

FullSizeRender sun 4

FullSizeRender sun5

FullSizeRender sun6

FullSizeRender sun8

FullSizeRender sun7

FullSizeRender Sun9

FullSizeRender sun10

FullSizeRender sun11

FullSizeRender sun15

FullSizeRender sun14

Flowers at Trentham

Isn’t this a great place? It is beautiful. A brilliant family day out. A perfect place to allow your little or big ones to run around, so many picnic spots or warming up in a cosy cafe sharing a hot chocolates. Heaven. We are so lucky to have this beautiful spot on our doorstep.

KA x 


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13 thoughts on “A Winters Walk, Hot Chocolate and Snuggles {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Such gorgeous photos and as I said on instagram, I love his little hat and outfit. Mummy/son (or daughter’s in my case!) are the best- even though we miss my husband when he is away, I do treasure our days and nights on our own too. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely, we always miss Mr H but secretly I really do cherish our days together. My little monkey wanted to sleep in my bed to protect me and waking up with him snuggling was just, well one of those moments! An extraordinary moment! x


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