Splash About : Kids Wetsuits

Lil G started his swimming journey with Water Babies around the age of 5-months and as he was born premature we were advised to invest in the wet-suits supplied by Splash About. Keeping your baby warm in water is paramount to ensuring they enjoy their lessons. I have seen many a little one upset during their lessons only for the teacher to pop them into a suit and hey presto, no tears.

They are also the best way to keep them warm in cold water on holiday, at a water park or in a local swimming pool. Over the years I have found our public swimming pools much colder than the pools we have swam in with Water Babies. I wouldn’t entertain taking Lil G swimming without popping on a suit.

We have worked our way through the range of suits over the last 3-years and I can say with sincerity that we have never been disappointed. In both the suits and the service from Splash About. The team have always been so helpful and super fast delivery too!

From a baby wrap to a baby snug (my favourite) to a warm in one and more recently a UV Combi…







This particular suit can be found here – it is a UV Combi. Perfect for a sun holiday, a swimming lesson or even a fun swim at a Water Park. Of all the suits we have had this one is definitely indicative of his age. He no longer requires a thermal suit, just one which provides a bit of protection, perfect for what Lil G needs it for now. Many a time I have seen kids coming out of a pool shivering or off a water slide with burns on their arms, well not with one of these suits. All protected. Nice and warm. More fun for all involved.

All the suits are soft and easy to put on and for babies the baby snug is perfect as it was fleece lined, nylon so provided extra warmth which made a noticeable difference to how long Lil G could stay in the water. They wash well and certainly stand the test of time. As Lil G has grown slowly we have only needed 4 suits in 3-years so we really have had our wear out of each one.

As I mentioned the team are very helpful and always on hand to answer your queries on Twitter.

It goes without saying that I highly recommend the Baby & Kids Wet-suits from Splash About.


* Disclosure – we were gifted the UV Combi suit for the purpose of this review. All words are my own as is the very cute toddler, thank you Lil G for being a super model! 

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23 thoughts on “Splash About : Kids Wetsuits

  1. It’s so nice to hear when people use the same brand products right the way through something.
    We are using their swim nappies at the moment and I must admit my mouse has hovered over to buy the wet suit a few times….

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  2. Very cute – we used the Happy Nappies for our first swimming lessons until she was potty trained. I’ve got a little UV suit leftover from last summer now, but I’ll definitely have to check these out when she grows out of it as she’s definitely not happy in the pool if she’s not warm!

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  3. I love the pic of you both from when he was a wee bubba! I prefer the all on ones, they look so much comfier and protective for the kids, especially on the beach. Fab review
    Ally x

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  4. We swim with Water Babies too and started around the same age. We were really lucky that we were in a hydro-therapy pool. It was like a bath! Bliss! But it was quite small and now we’ve had to move to a larger pool and its quite cold. By the end, Potato is shivering with cold. So I’ve just bought him his first wetsuit to try and keep him warm. I’m hoping it’ll make for a much happier swim for him. I wish they didn’t feel the need to keep the water so cold though!!

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  5. I’ve never understood why swimming pools are so flipping cold. When Ben first started his lessons at 3 he used to go blue and shiver by the end of his lesson and I struggled to find anything like this for him! I’ll have to keep them in mind for Amy.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested as ever x

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  6. Oh wow I didn’t know they did suits too, he looks very smart! We’ve been using the splash about Happy Nappys since my little one started swimming lessons in 2013 and I’m very impressed with the brand. #TriedTested

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  7. I love the idea of these, we’re hoping to start swimming lessons soon with my daughter, and with a little son on the way in a few weeks want to start going swimming as a family more too but a wetsuit is a great idea for warmth and comfort too. Will bookmark their website for future use!

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