Oh The Anticipation

The expectation of what is ahead. Other than Lil G’s 4th birthday surprise trip to DisneyLand Paris in June (which he isn’t aware of), the main event in the diary or should I say events in the diary are…

a) the day we find out if we get our first choice of primary school and

b) Lil G’s first day at Big Boy school

Yes that’s right, Big Boy School. Have we really come this far? Are we really approaching the 16th April? It doesn’t feel like two minutes ago when I pressed submit on the actual application. Time really is flying by.

I fear I will not be sleeping the night of the 15th April. Will we get our first choice? Will those few yards out of catchment area really stand between us and the School we so desire for Lil G to begin his educational journey? The School which Lil G’s friends currently attend. Where his friends from Kindergarten will be attending as they are in catchment.

Our first choice is a Primary School which focusses on 4-7 year olds. I love that. It’s small. Quaint. A gorgeous old building. Focussing on the little people. It just feels right. Despite being a small School I can only imagine how big it will seem to my little baby. And so the countdown begins.

Over the last few days it has been hard not to notice just how much this little fella is growing up. He’s nearly 4. Where has my baby gone? Mr Independent. Mr Fashionista. Mr Cool. Mr Grumpy Pants. Mr Oh So Cute. Mr I’m a Big Boy. Mr I Am Not Little. We could make a new set of Mr Men Books. Our surname is Hargreaves after all!


3 March b


This little fella, our soon to be 4-year-old is growing up. And fast. We simply cannot ignore it. Right before our eyes he’s changing, almost daily I stop and think, where has the time gone? I absolutely do love what this age brings, perhaps not the tantrums but most definitely his growing independence and love for learning. We are there to help and support him but it’s quite apparent of late that he is enjoying being more independent. Despite putting his trousers on back to front!

He is learning so much, growing into a Big Boy with his own thoughts, his own strong-willed thoughts. There is something quite magical about raising a child, I find myself looking at him thinking we made you. We made this gorgeous little boy. Who is no longer my toddler. He is nearly 4 years old. Eek.

For now I am going to hold on to this little fella, so tight. Stay 3 years old for just a little bit longer… Please.

3 March

3 March a

3 march c

Does anyone have a time machine? Seriously. I am not quite ready for Big Boy School and if I am honest I am not sure he is. I could be wrong. Mr H thinks that I am. Lil G falls in to the late summer births you see. It is something which has played on my mind since he was born. When Lil G attends School he will not only be extremely petite and small in comparison to his class mates (due to being born premature) but one of the youngest. When I say petite he really is. He is still in size 2-3 years clothes. He is nearly 4. Mr H sees the positive and tells me that he remains my baby for longer, on the other hand it really does worry me. Fact. I still wake up wondering will this affect him? Will he notice a difference? Will we? Will his teachers? Will he bullied? Will he be able to handle himself? Stand up to some of the bigger boys and girls? Oh the worry.

Are you waiting on a decision for a Primary School?

KA x

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25 thoughts on “Oh The Anticipation

  1. Ooh there’s a lot to think about there Ka. I didn’t have quite the worry with JJ as he is a September child and therefore one of the oldest, but I will have it with EJ as he is late July. I still can’t believe when I look at his little two year old self now that he will be starting big boy school next year!! It’s mental! Good luck with getting the school of your choice hon Xx #thetruthabout

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  2. Aww it’s hard letting go isn’t it when they grow. We’re waiting on a decision for our second, our first is in a school out of catchment so we’re just holding our breath and hoping that #2 (and #3 later on) get in too! I’m sure your little dude will be fine at school, he looks like a bright, confident little man x

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  3. Aw gawd, this was me last year, waiting for a place at school. Such an emotional time! I’d love to say it gets calmer but it’s a rollercoaster over here! Great post #thetruthabout

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  4. We’re waiting too, but looking forward to it (apart from the nightmare of sorting out drop offs and getting into work vaguely at a reasonable time).

    We should be ok for the school we want, as we are in catchment (but right near the edge), – we think we’re 11th on the list out of 15 spaces. I’m hoping that my SIL having passed on some handmedown sweatshirts doesn’t jinx it.

    N’s middling size and a January birthday, but one of the boys at nursery is a September birthday and as diddy as the girl who’s a July birthday. The boy is really quiet, the girl is so ultra confident even though she’s nearly a year younger. They’ll all go on to school this year, so interesting to see how they cope. I think a lot is dependent on the teachers, plus if they’re used to other children and nursery that’ll help.

    Hope you get the school of your choice

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  5. He is such a gorgeous little man! We’re not at school stage yet, but I can imagine how difficult it must be. We have the opposite problem with Arthur in terms of size – he’s only just two but in 3-4 year old clothes. Everyone always thinks he’s older than he is, and expects him to be more mature as a result, and he has no idea of his own strength! This parenting lark is full of challenges isn’t it? Good luck with yours 🙂 xx

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  6. Goodness this made me remember the waiting! There is still a big part of me that wants my son home more and I miss him so much everyday! So much so that sometimes I am looking at his photos on my laptop just so I will feel better!

    Goodluck and I hope you can get into the school of your choice. #wotw

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  7. They certainly do grow up too quickly! The twins have just turned 3 and will start nursery in April I’m not sure I am ready to let go, but I know they are ready for the next step. Oh I wish they’d stay small a little bit longer. I hope everything with school goes well for you x #WotW

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  8. I remember only to well the wait to hear about our first son s place for school, agonising, but thankfully he got in and his brother followed him and their sister will next year. Thsnkfully they have a sibling policy so we only had the agony once! Fingers crossed for you. #wotw

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  9. Such a big step. I remember the nerves with finding out about a place for my oldest, even though we lived almost directly opposite the school, so really there was virtually no chance of us not getting a place, I still worried until we had it in writing! He was one of the oldest in his year, which I think helped me in the worry stakes though. Although, he’s one of the youngest in his class in the US… funny the difference the cut-off date makes (Sept here (and in England?) versus March in Scotland). I’d echo what Jocelyn said about them settling in and taking it in their stride more than we do, he’ll be fine xx Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x


  10. We just had the nervous wait for confirmation of a secondary school place for our eldest. Thankfully she got her first choice but it took me back to the day waiting for her primary place, when we got our third choice. It was a tense time and it only seems like yesterday.

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  11. We are in such the same position and this post brought all of the thoughts, emotions, queries and questions about my boy’s readiness for school too – he’s also a summer born, so when he starts he’ll by 4yr and 2 months old compared to others that turn 5yo in September!! If you find that time machine please, please, please let me hop in with my little brood! Best of luck with your school options; I hope you won’t be pacing too much on the 15th awaiting the results.
    Thanks for sharing; this post really resonated

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  12. I do hope you get the school of your choice, and though I’m not really the worrying kind, I distinctly recall not sleeping the night before we had Boo’s confirmed last year, so I can relate! They grow up so quickly, and I do think we often underestimate what they’re capable of, our beautiful babies. Boo goes to school with preemie twins, born later in the year and they are so small, but they love it there and are having a great time, if that helps put your mind at rest at all. It’s amazing how quickly they all settle in and just get on with it, made me proud and tearful in equal measures! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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  13. Good luck with the school later on in April. It is indeed a tense time and I clearly remember flying into nursery to pick up our eldest, shouting at the staff that I needed to get home and check my emails and running out the door so I could find out ASAP! I hate to break it to you though, you’ll probably do better with the school than the time machine. #ThePrompt

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