Birthday Celebrations, New shoes & Sparkly Tops #LittleLoves

This week it has been a mixture of birthday celebrations, long winters days where I have been longing for some sunshine, enjoying my new bedroom, new shoes and a new lunch box! I love these lunch boxes from Happy Jackson

lunch box



Finally I found the time to sit and catch up on some girly magazine reading whilst I was at the salon. Those heavenly, child free, three hours of bliss, drinking coffee and well not a lot else.




On Thursday night we watched Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest movie NightCrawler – it was a good watch. Definitely recommended. A little crazy, a little weird. Good all the same. Here is a little clip on You Tube.

On another note I have really enjoyed watching the sunrise from my new bedroom. I am so pleased with how it has turned out. It took a little longer than we thought. It was worth it. I never knew the difference it would make to bed time, to getting ready and to well, relaxing in there. It is definitely my Happy Place.





3 March b




I’ll come back to this one next week with a double hit! Sorry


Time for lunch out with my boys to celebrate Mr H’s birthday … A tenuous link I know but just look at the food! Oh and don’t forget the Chocolate and Peanut Butter Milkshakes, how cute is the little one for Lil G!?





And lastly…

Two things both exciting in equal measures. 1) Is that a blue sky, and rising temperatures I see on the weather chart? Eek. I am beyond excited about that. And 2) You may have seen our tweets and posts about a new monthly Linky that the lovely Sian from Potty Mouthed Mummy and I are setting up. Eek. It is called ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’ and will be kicking in from the 17th March. Do take a read of my Count Your Lucky Stars post and I hope some of you would consider joining in.

Have a lovely weekend.

KA x



12 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations, New shoes & Sparkly Tops #LittleLoves

  1. I love your lunch box, it’s fab and your new bedroom looks gorgeous. I am desperate to do ours and get rid of the build it your self furniture that hubby very badly built!
    Your dinner looks scrummy! xx

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  2. Ooh I’m a bit jeal of the salon time! 🙂 Heaven! I love your glittery top and those milkshakes are adorable – I love anything like that served in jars or bottles. I made a few improvements to the decor in our bedroom lately too (including fairy lights along the headboard which I love!). It definitely makes it feel like a relaxing place to be. Exciting news about the new linky with the lovely Sian! – I will have a read of your post. Have a fab weekend X #littleloves

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