Dreaming Of Summer

The change in weather these past two days has left me dreaming of summer. Dreaming of long lazy days. Relaxing. Packing a picnic. Mint choc chip ice creams. The smell of sunscreen. The glisten of sun bouncing off the water. Deck chairs. Sandals. Painted toe nails and of course the need for sunglasses.

I will admit to loving all seasons. I wouldn’t say that I love the Winter as much as Spring and Summer but it’s pretty close. I love seeing my wardrobe change for each season. However you simply cannot question how a blue sky and glorious sunshine lifts your mood. It really is a mood changer. It’s rather magical don’t you think?

All week Mr H and I have been  looking forward to the weekend, not only because it means we get to spend time together as Our Little Family but also because the weather man had kindly forecast some sun! A rise in temperatures and clear blue skies. I won’t lie, I willed the week to pass quickly.

Don’t get me wrong whether rain or shine we really do cherish our precious family time. Whether baking in the kitchen, or setting up the BBQ (eek I am so excited for these days) we always find a way of having fun and more importantly enjoying our time together. Creating memories from The Ordinary Moments. However you cannot hide the joy on everyone’s faces when the sun pops his little straw hat on. For Our Little Family it is something to always look forward to.

It’s the simple things which make us smile. Long walks. Lazy days. Eating an ice cream. Having a ‘relax’ as Lil G calls it. Watching the day go by without looking at the clock.

And here is how we enjoyed the first day of, dare I say it summer at Trentham Gardens on Saturday…
















Was the weather as spectacular for you?

KA x


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12 thoughts on “Dreaming Of Summer

  1. What a lovely time and short sleeves too! That really is a sign of summer.Lovely to see Lil G running free there in a safe space without a care in the world, these are the family times to cherish. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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  2. Lovely pics as always 🙂 I completely agree…summer and the sunshine deffs lifts my mood and makes the days feel way more joyful! How lush has the weather been though really? I do hope its here to stay now, I hope we have spring and start to wear lighter colours and clothing!

    PS I am quite partial to a mint choc chip ice cream too x

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  3. The weather plays a huge part in my mood I think, the weather has been glorious these last few days and its wonderful how it can make you feel! It makes you want to actually get out of bed of a morning! Lovely photos.. I am loving Lil G’s superhero t-shirt!

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  4. Wasn’t yesterday such a gorgeous day? I’d wrapped O up in a scarf and hat that I soon ended up carrying because it was so warm. Fab pics, Trentham Gardens really does look beautiful, we will have to make the drive over once summer properly hits. (especially if they have Mint Choc Chip ice cream) xx

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  5. We’ve been out in the garden preparing for summer. I don’t think it was quite as warm as it looked for you, but was lovely in the greenhouse 🙂

    I can’t wait for summer – this post has made me long for it even more xx

    visiting from #countrykids x

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