Week 10: Project 365: A Photo, Everyday, For A Year

In terms of pictures this week has to be my favourite. I’m sure I’ll be saying that again as the week’s go by. Why I have loved this week? Maybe because we have been out together as a family more so due to the weather, the lighter mornings and nights, and maybe because I had a day’s holiday in between which meant an extra day with Our Little Family.

This project really is a pleasure to join in with. Documenting every day, it isn’t a bad rule to live by is it … A Photo, Everyday, For A Year.

I give you Week 10…


365 7Mar

365 7Mara



365 7Marb



Day 60: Mr H had been away for his birthday so on his return Lil G and I treated him to a walk in the woods! Lil G loves the outdoors and Mr H needed some fresh air for his hangover!

Day 61: That would be Lil G eating a carrot for his breakfast as we’re about to make the walk to Kindergarten.

Day 62: Chocolate & Peanut butter milkshakes all round. We treated Mr H to a meal out on his actual birthday.

Day 63: A poorly boy. This was the photo Mr H sent to me. I do hate being so far away on my commuting days. The journey home then becomes quite traumatic.

Day 64: World Book Day. Lil G’s nursery chose to opt for ‘bring your favourite book’ day rather than dress up. After all it is meant to be a celebration of books not your favourite character from a movie. Huge bug bare of mine!

Day 65: A gorgeous end to a working week. The sun was shining so we headed to Trentham Gardens for an evening walk. We even managed to find our way around the maize.

Day 66: Birthday party day for George’s best friend from Kindergarten … They’re so cute together. I have my fingers and toes crossed that they both get to go the same Primary School. Eek.

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9 thoughts on “Week 10: Project 365: A Photo, Everyday, For A Year

  1. Good choice of book. N would be very jealous, he loves Peter Rabbit, although I don’t think I’ve seen that one.

    The photo of Lil G and his friend is lovely. N’s the same – neither of his best friends from the different nurseries will get into the same school he’s likely (hoping) to get into. But 2 of his older cousins will still be there. Such a shame when friends get split up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The light in the Trentham Gardens photo is stunning and that picture of him with his best friend is so cute.
    You’re right, I think photos at this time of year just get better and better. It’s definitely down to being outdoors more, as well as the spring light.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely photos this week. I love that they actually take a book in for world book day, we are yet to experience this day. That milkshake sounds delicious x

    Liked by 1 person

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