Our Floral & Shabby Chic Bedroom Makeover…

Mr H and I are both obsessed with home decor. The only thing that we struggle with is the empty and penniless pockets you are inevitably left with. It is a good job that we like to renovate things really as our little house in Staffordshire which we bought 7-years ago was just that, a renovation project. We literally had to strip it back and start over. Each room. It was a mammoth project but as it was just the two of us we didn’t really see it as being a problem.

Fast forward 7-years and we are only just at the point where we are giving our bedroom a makeover. What with saving for a wedding and then falling pregnant somewhat unexpectedly, we had to put the second phase AKA upstairs on hold. We are yet to attempt the bathroom which is hideous. That is the next big project. That and the garden. Oh my beating penniless pockets.

Anyway back to the bedroom. I really do wish I had taken a before shot for you. Sadly I did not. Blame Mr H. Like some over excited toddler he went full steam ahead knocking through a wall for the fireplace before I could grab the shot. Dam you Mr H. Instead, what I have for you is a before and after shot of the furniture which we snaffled from eBay for a bargain price of £150. However the 100-mile round trip made up for that!

What did we go for? We are huge fans of old, antique, Victorian, furniture. We love to wander around antique fairs in the hope of finding something really special. I have always dreamed of a dressing table just for me which I can store all my bits and bobs in. The wardrobe and the dressing table were worn and tired so in a bid to make them pretty we enlisted the help of Milly & Roses who are a local independent shop, specialising in all things shabby chic and the wonder of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

And here is the transformation…

  Before AfterIf you are interested in the magic of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint then do pop over to this How To blog post from Milly & Roses. Mr H and I hadn’t really discussed what look we were going for, decorating the bedroom was kind of a ‘lets do it now’ kind of moment at the start of the new year. We are very a like in the kind of style we go for so it pretty much came together as we approached each stage. And with the help of pinterest and the obligatory Laura Ashley book our bedroom was born. Everything is new. The bed, bedding, quilt, light fitting and furniture had been piling up in our spare room for some months and in the case of the bed some 4-years.

What did we go for? Floral, girly, grown up girly, elegant, pretty, dreamy, bright. Until now our room has only ever been a place to rest our heads. I can only describe it as grubby, dark brown and beige. Dreary. Mainly because the room is HUGE but the window is not so much. So in a bit to brighten and enlighten we chose Blossom Pink walls, shabby chic furniture and floral paper. Pretty and a kiss of pink is a rather good description. This room is NOW my grown-up bedroom, the one I had dreamed of. Mr H is forever my hero for allowing me to have this one room exactly as I wanted it. Thank you Mr H *mwah*. And here is our Floral & Shabby Chic Bedroom. Prepare yourself for a lot of dreamy photo’s and I do hope they make you smile as much as they do me…   IMG_6289 Bedroom4 IMG_5811 Bedroom2 Bedroom Bedroom8 Bedroom7 Bedroom6 Bedroom3 It’s my Happy Place. So, the bedroom makeover is complete. What comes next is the accessories. We have already made a start however we do need to add cushions, a throw, curtains and pictures above the fireplace. Maybe bedside tables. A stool for my dressing table. For now this is what we have added…   bedroom wall IMG_6443 IMG_6440 Bedroom10What little bits would you add? I will continue to build my ideas through my Bedroom Inspiration board on Pinterest. Do pop over… https://www.pinterest.com/Kahargreaves/bedroom-inspiration-victorian-townhouse/

I have written three additional posts featuring the build up which you can find here… Looking at Paint & WallpapersFlorals, Stripes & PolkadotsMy Dream Bedroom.

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20 thoughts on “Our Floral & Shabby Chic Bedroom Makeover…

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  2. It is stunning! You have such beautiful taste. I love it. The wallpaper is so pretty and effective. Want! You’ve done such a lovely job and I love that all the furniture doesn’t match perfectly but all sits alongside each other so well. Lovely. Thanks for linking up to our new linky, much appreciated. Jess x #HomeEtc

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  3. This is so gorgeous. It looks like the perfect place to relax with a cuppa and a book (or a home magazine!). I love the shabby chic style and you ‘ve done it really well. Glad you got there in the end! We have a lot of interior stuff to do to our house and I can’t wait until it’s done and feels like mine! We’ve only been there a year so I’ll give it time! #HomeEtc

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  5. Ah it looks beautiful- I love the wallpaper! We have been in our house almost six years now and are only really just getting to the stage where we can actually really do it how we want it- it’s so hard on the bank balance isn’t it! x

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