What Lil G’s Been Reading…

Lil G is one lucky little boy. We have recently began working with the lovely team over at Little Tiger Press who very kindly sent us two gorgeous books to read and review. And here they are…

Book Review


Firstly, the Train! an award-winning title. We are HUGE fan’s of Judi Abbots’ The Biggest Kiss so when the Train! arrived we knew it would be an instant hit. This book is perfect for curious little hands and is an ideal book for any child obsessed with one toy,  as it helps little ones learn about playing together and sharing too. Despite Lil G being more than happy to share his toys he does often refuse to share the one toy he is playing with or move on to the next! As the overall story is about Little Elephant and his friends trying to play with new toys rather than the ones they always play with, this helped with what we are trying to teach Lil G.




The pages we bright and beautiful. We both really loved the illustrations which certainly added to Lil G’s enjoyment of the story. A very easy book to look at. The book is repetitive which helps to build the obsessiveness that the animals had over their toys. At 3.5 years this book was perfect for Lil G. I can see it being very popular with similar age or younger, not necessarily older.

Since reading this book Lil G has referred back to the story when we have discussed sharing and playing with different toys. ‘Like the Elephant mummy’. I’d say that’s a parenting win!

Moving on to the second book we were gifted…

With Zip It by Patricia Hegarty you can be sure to introduce your little ones to buttons, zips and tying bows in this first book of fastenings! With instructional illustrations by Fhiona Galloway and real fastenings on every page, this is a perfect book to use as a teaching guide. As I read aloud the instructions Lil G happily sat with the book attempting to master each activity.



I absolutely loved this book. We are at that stage with Lil G where he has to learn to be more independent. Self help is something which he is learning each day at Kindergarten in preparation for Big Boy School in September. He managed all the tasks with ease and as we speak is still learning to tie the laces. My only criticism of this book is that despite being careful Lil G still managed to tear the ducks wing. Other than that I truly believe this book to be a perfect addition for helping little ones to be more independent.

The book is bright, engaging and full of fun activities for little ones to get engrossed in. Any book which makes learning to do something a little more fun gets a huge tick for me.

Do pop over to Little Tiger on Twitter where you can be sure to find new titles, news and events and the odd competition too.

* Disclosure : We were gifted these books in exchange for an honest review.



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3 thoughts on “What Lil G’s Been Reading…

  1. These look like lovely books for the very young. I like the clear simple pictures. I’m always on the lookout for good books to read at my playgroup where the ages currently are mostly under 3 years of age. they love books but it’s so important to be age appropriate. If the book is too long or the pictures are too detailed they lose concentration. These look perfect.


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