Mother’s Day Crafts, Fresh Air & Bare Ankles #LittleLoves

This week has gone by in a flash. Really it has. Busy all in all areas, family, work, blogging and writing. I’ve picked up a couple of really great writing gigs this week which has made me smile, a lot. All exciting stuff.

And here are the #LittleLoves of our week…


I know I have read some fabby blog posts but struggling to recall. I really must start to add them to my notes in preparation of this post. Does the new Boden catalogue count?




It’s been a big TV week. Where to begin. The beginning of The Following. Mr H and I are huge fans. I was a little curious as to where this season could go but actually the opening episode was rather chilling.

And then there was 50 First Dates. I needed this movie on Tuesday. I’d been tapping away on the laptop hitting a deadline to find Mr H switching the channel and this little beauty was on. Such a feel good movie. I had completely forgotten about the ending, so sad but so cute. I love Drew Barrymore in this movie.



And then there is Sex And The City.  I’m currently on the second series when they are in the Hamptons. So much fun. I’m loving watching them back again.



IMG_6699 IMG_6835



My gorgeous little boy reading to himself. I caught him at 9.30pm in his den reading to his teddies with a flash light. Such a sweet little moment. I remember those days as a child. You think that you’re being really brave and all grown up. I do love his den. It was definitely a great buy and Lil G loves how it’s personalised. I took a little picture for you this morning…




I was tasked with making Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts  for a little post on Up All Hours. You can read it in the link if your little ones need some inspiration or if like me you will mainly be spending the day with your little one, alone! My husband is off to the football. Men. Surely that’s grounds for divorce. Cake & coffee for me and the little man!

Here are my favourites…





and lastly…

Well I am off to London tomorrow morning to meet up with some lovely Bloggers. Some very talented ladies. Some new to me and some who I have met before. Eek. And now to plan my outfit … The most important part of course!

and lastly lastly…

It’s only a few days now until the lovely Sian from Potty Mouthed Mummy and I will be launching our ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’ linky on Tuesday. It would be amazing if you fancied joining in.

Have a lovely weekend folks.

KA x 





11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Crafts, Fresh Air & Bare Ankles #LittleLoves

  1. How cute it Lil G’s tent, I just love it! And very impressed with all your crafty things, I’m so rubbish at anything like that.
    Sooooo lovely to meet you on Saturday xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, love your #littleloves, especially your black patent shoes! I think I tried them on the other day and thought about buying them. Gutted I didn’t know! Look so cool on! Great to meet you on Saturday. Happy days! #littleloves x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As always, i really love your outfits sweetpea – gorgeous! And Lil G’s teepee is just amazing! We have been looking for one for ages – i must definitely investigate! Excited to catch up tomorrow!xx

    Liked by 1 person

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