The Ups And Downs

That would be parenting. And yesterday was one of those days. It started so beautifully. With Lil G wandering into our room, opening the curtain and saying look mummy its morning. The sun is awake. Time to get up now. Who could resist such a beautiful start to the day? He then went on to look at me and tell me whilst jumping up for a cuddle; I love you mummy, I love daddy, I love Alfie too. He’s my big brother. My furry brother mummy. 

The joy didn’t stop there, we went downstairs for our morning drink. On a Friday and Monday I am lucky to be able to work from home. No rushing, which makes such a difference to our routine. Lil G really does know how to make my heart melt. Sit next to me mummy. We can snuggle. Such a sweetheart. And snuggle we did. We talked. We played with toys. It was simply the best start to a day.

Life was good…

KA & George


And then…

The end of the day arrived. We collected Lil G from Kindergarten and headed to the supermarket. The customers of Tesco were the unlucky ones.

Dealing with tantrums can be really stressful. Yesterday was stressful x 10. Lil G is full swing into ‘preparation for school’ and I wonder if this is the cause. We have noticed that on his Kindergarten days he is very tired come the end of the day. Actually why haven’t I thought about this before now? Silly billy. I think I’ll mention it to his teachers on Monday.

OK, so as we wandered around Tesco, it wasn’t long before we were heading down the toy aisle. Inevitable. Stupid. Lil G is usually really well-behaved. Accepts that he cannot just take each toy. That he receives toys as presents on his Birthday and at Christmas time. He often asks us to take a picture of a toy he wants which we then send to the Birthday fairy or Santa. Not today. He had an absolute melt down over some rather ridiculous toy which can only be described as tat. Expensive tat at that.

There was no reasoning. Just screams. We, the staff and of course the nosey passers-by were treated to stomping, screaming, shouting, tears and of course when he was picked up the complete outrage. The legs kicking. Me walking off with the trolly, admittedly chuckling to myself as it was Mr H who was having to carry this mentalist, AKA Lil G. Oh my goodness. When will our little boy learn.

We made it out of the shop, albeit for the stares and as you can imagine disapproving looks. Ooh heaven forbid a toddler having a tantrum. Did your child just spit out rose petals? I think not.

What came next took us back to some time. Mr H popped him in the car but oh no, there was no chance of him getting this little screaming monkey into his car seat. As they is no reasoning with such an angry little monster, I had to step in. Mr H always hopes he can reason with him, me … I know to either take control or sit it out.

My goodness, the boy can kick and scream. I have bruises! After minutes of struggling I managed to pin him down and get him strapped into his car seat. There were people stopping and staring. As they do, if this was an accident there would be tail backs! The only thing going through my mind was… Did they think we were trying to steal him? But oh my, if he did make this noise if ever a stranger did approach him I would hope that a passer by would stop and question. Or maybe the stranger would run of scared! No one approached us. Would you?

As Lil G persisted in kicking the car and reaching for the handle on the door, we quickly locked us in and made our way home. It goes without saying that bedtime came early. It took him less than an hour before falling asleep. I ran a bath and … Relax. Eek.

I hear so many parents talking of the terrible two’s. We skipped the terrible two’s. I am sure of it. Other than a few difficult days we didn’t struggle with Lil G. What has hit us hard and keeps making an appearance is the Threenager tantrums. Oh my they are tough. It’s the stubbornness. The lack of the ability to reason. So much anger and upset.

I know, it could be worse and it goes without saying that everyday I feel blessed to have my gorgeous little boy. Who for the most part is happy and healthy. Just some days I do wish for a moment, just a nanosecond that I could run and hide. Eek.

How do you deal with the dreaded toddler tantrums?

KA x

And then the fun began...

9 thoughts on “The Ups And Downs

  1. I’ve started to ignore them now… one twin has them often, the other rarely. Initially I would try to deal with it and now I just walk off. Last week at Bluestone, he kicked off when it was time to leave the restaurant we were in — he was standing by a table full of people, so I said ‘ Bye — this is your new family now!’

    And left him to it.

    My husband had to go back in to collect him — and apologise on my behalf!! It’s not very grown up of me but I get so tired of trying to reason with a 2 year old who is in no state to be reasonable!! 🙂 #TheTruthAbout

    Caro |

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  2. I feel for you – we’ve all been there. What having toddlers of my own has taught me is (a) that sometimes you just have to let a tantrum blow itself out and (b) to be much more tolerant of parents struggling in Tesco with tantrumming toddlers.

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  3. Yep the terrible two’s started at 2.5 (we thought we’d got away with it!) and that quickly merged into the threeanger. He’s 4 now and we still have toy aisle meltdowns but mainly we just manage it better! It’s a sharp learning curve realising that they don’t do as you say, just because you say so! 🙂 #TheTruthAbout

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  4. Oh dear. It’s awful how they can just turn isn’t it?! I have had to deal with tantrums that have had me on my knees, but in public I’ve held it together – then literally burst into tears when we’re all finally strapped into the car! And then on the other hand I’ve had times when I’ve just been really measured and found it amusing and exchanged knowing looks and amusing comments with passing shoppers – it kind of depends on a number of things including how I’m feeling in myself at the time too. If its any consolation it does ease off a bit once they turn four! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

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  5. Eek! It’s amazing how they can just swing isn’t it? I’ve managed to head off quite a few tantrums using Dr Harvey Karp’s Toddler-ese. It feels stupid at first but I’ve found it has swung things away from tantrums numerous times. I wrote about it recently over here: Hope you don’t have another whammy for a while x

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  6. Oh God, the dreaded Threenager. I always thought this would be a lovely age, but noooooooo. There is no rhyme nor reason to pretty much anything they do!!! Sounds like you’re doing great though, hang on in there!! xx

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  7. Oh no 😦 Poor you! They do test you don’t they?? Mine go through stages. Lottie is currently in ‘adorable’ child stage and Harry is being horrible! Everything is “No” and he refuses to do anything I say! How embarrassing this must have been! Oh well, hopefully you enjoyed a nice glass of wine and tomorrow will be a better day! Jess x

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  8. What an afternoon you had!
    Tantrums are so hard and exhausting to deal with! I have definitely been there!
    Sounds like you handled it really well. I used to get embarrassed by people staring but now I ignore the tantrum and any passers by! x

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