Keeping It Simple

It’s 3.5 years since I first cradled our gorgeous boy. Since that moment my heart really has been filled with so much love. More than I ever thought possible. Poor Mr H. He really does get the scraps. I remember driving home from hospital in tears. Of joy. Of fear. There was an overwhelming sense of responsibility for this precious cargo. In those early days, I used to wonder how my love would grow for this little one, if I would be a good enough mother, if the feeling of worry and what if would ever leave us.

Time really has flown. Today, we celebrated my 4th Mothering Sunday. It was the best so far. Why? Because Mr H kept it simple. He had clearly been taking notes over the last 12-months. For me it isn’t about big gestures. It’s the little things that count. This year Mr H pulled out the big guns. He isn’t particularly crafty. It is I that enjoys this side of parenting. I’m the creative one. He is the practical one. He doesn’t value the cost of flowers, but I do and he certainly doesn’t appreciate the cost of a balloon (I LOVE a balloon). You can imagine my surprise when Lil G wandered into our bedroom this morning carrying a Happy Mothers Day balloon. Eek.


Lil G went on to tell me that there were some flowers waiting for me downstairs and more surprises. Cute. He was so proud. And so was I. I could hear Mr H chuckling as 1) Lil G had ruined the surprise and 2) the shock in my voice! There were flowers and there were arts and crafts. My very own canvas. Handmade and bought cards. A card with Lil G’s handwriting in it and wait for it, a message saying…

I love my mummy because she plays with me

My heart melted. The thought that Lil G’s teacher at Kindergarten had asked him that question and he came up with that answer all by himself. We do love to sit and explore. To play. To plan our next adventure. Lil G is very much Mr Independent so more often than not he entertains himself however on the occasions when he does ask me to join in, I always say yes. Today I am so very glad that I do. It obviously means so much to him. It is often easy to say in a few minutes or ask Daddy but for him he needs me at that moment. I want to be there.

There will be a time when I am no longer needed. When I have a taxing teenager. Filling my mind with different stresses. With worries other than will he eat his next meal, will we get a place in our 1st choice of Primary School and whether or not he’ll stop the Threenager tantrums. But for now I will savour my time with our gorgeous boy and enjoy the fact that today he seemingly understood the meaning of Mother’s Day. He made today extra special.

I sit here smiling and filled to the brim with so much joy. Lil G literally showered me with kisses, cuddles and love today. I’m a little sad that he is now fast asleep and tomorrow he is off to Kindergarten as I really did enjoy my mummy day.

But for now I will continue to flick back and forth through the photo’s which we have from today. A day of simple pleasures. Valuable time spent together. The ordinary moments which today were extraordinary…















How did you spend your Mothering Sunday?

KA x



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16 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple

  1. Awww the perfect Mother’s Day and the perfect way to remember it! Lovely post brimming over with love and gratitude. Isn’t it just the most perfect time when they’re this little? For all the tantrums and tears there are such special moments to treasure. Thank you for sharing this happy post at #sharethejoy this week – hope to see you again!

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  2. Aww sounds like you were well and truly spoilt on Mothers day- and quite rightly so. We don’t do much for it, we do normally go out for lunch but we were busy decorating this year. But I got flowers, breakfast in bed and a Grazia magazine, with a invitation to go and have a long bath- so that was pretty perfect for me! 🙂 x

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  3. How lovely and what a gorgeous balloon! It’s so nice when children are affectionate and make special days even more special. I spent the day cooking a roast chicken dinner and hanging out with my grumpy toddler, but it was lovely all the same 🙂

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  4. You gorgeous pair, it sounds like the perfect day and one you very much deserved. I need to get better and playing with Lucas when he asks, I find myself saying ‘in a minute’ all too often when really most things can wait! Love the balloon, what a star Mr H is xx

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    • Aww thank you honey. We really did have a beautiful day. It is so easy to say no and hang on a minute. What I’ve found when that happens is that he actually looks sad, the one time I caught that look I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again. It’s hard though. Mr H did good this year x


  5. Such a sweet post. It makes you feel so warm & fuzzy when they say things like that doesn’t it. My Yve’s was poorly this week with sickness and chicken pox and she told meI was so kind and a lovely mummy for caring for her. I cried! they are very gentle souls! x

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